Shopify Payment Activations

Shopify Payment Activations

Shopify Payments are essential for growing your store on Shopify. Making life easier for merchants, we’ve helped e-commerce stores activate Shopify Payments, allowing their customers to checkout with their preferred payment type and cheaper transaction rates for merchants.

“Shopify Payments, coupled with Shop Pay, provides the fastest and best-converting checkout experience on the internet.”

Why Rainy City?

We have years of high-level experience as Shopify experts, helping the world’s top brands. When working with merchants to help set up Shopify payments we ensure to discuss with our clients any fees and their preferred payment providers to make running their e-commerce store as pain-free as possible.

How much does Shopify payments charge per transaction?

Get Paid Quicker on Shopify

Merchants using Shopify Payments have the luxury of getting paid instantly due to the integrations on the Shopify platform. The process of being paid instantly helps with business operations for our merchants, whilst making it easier for customers to settle any payment disputes quickly. 

“Sell in multiple currencies for less with Shopify Payments.”

Making checkouts Cha-ching 

Scaling your Shopify store should be simple for you, and even easier for your customers here are some checkouts that we’ve implemented with Shopify Payments:

Pretty Rugged



The Merchants Table

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