West Coast Goalkeeping

Dramatic increase in conversion rates by 9.41% within the first three months
From a humble retail outlet in Manchester, Stranded Hair Group has quickly become one of the world’s most popular hair extension suppliers. It’s easy to see why – sustainability, quality, and beauty being the hallmarks of every Stranded product.WCGK are America’s largest goalkeeper outfitter with products worn by amateur andprofessional players from around the world. They have a simple goal: to provide excellentmaterials and craftsmanship that don’t cost your right hand.
West Coast Goalkeeping

Why Rainy City?

WCGK engaged RCA to give the site a makeover, review how they might improve their conversion rates and boost customer time on-site. The fast-paced nature of the business means there are always website updates – from new glove styles and accessories to additional site features. RCA has worked with the team to help facilitate these changes for the past four years.

Project details:

  • Custom theme design
  • Advanced search and filtering
  • Redeveloped PDPs
  • Personalized micro-transactions
  • Responsive development
  • Customized tool integration
  • SEO development

Personalized Shopify Pathway

After reviewing WCGK’s customer-base, we found there were several degrees of knowledge and site requirement. Some customers wanted a short checkout experience; others wanted guidance on the different styles, cuts and innovations. To facilitate both, we created Style, Shopand Sale sections, enabling customers to use the pathway that suited them best.

The Style section has proven a prominent on-site space, giving both goalkeeping newbies and experienced players the latest advice and boosting the WCGK brand as advisor and innovator.


Boosting Reviews & Reducing Returns

We also found customers were not thoroughly reviewing their glove and accessory sizings before purchasing. This resulted in returned products and heightened customer service demands. To resolve this, we implemented an easy-to-follow size and care guide that prevented use of the Add to Cart function until they had actively selected their size. This proved incredibly successful, reducing returns by 33% and boosting positivity in customer reviews.

Organizing Functionalities

With such an extensive catalog of glove types and styles, a significant challenge was organizing each product to capture the product’s aesthetics while demonstrating their differences in functionality. We solved this through simplified drop-down headings that provide the product’s main benefits with further information for those who want it.

Upscaling The Upsell

Personalizing the shopping experience for customers is a fantastic way of boosting brand loyalty and sales. To unlock this for WCGK, RCA added an up-sell feature into the product detail page, enabling customization of gloves with a ‘Goal ID’. This feature has proven incredibly popular, boosting sales and creating a glove tailored to each customer.

The results

In our work with WCGK, we’ve created a bold and bright site geared towards a fantastic customer experience. We’ve seen an upsurge in returning customers and a dramatic increase in conversion rates by 9.41% within the first three months.


Increased conversion rate


Added to cart


Reached checkout

“The website is awesome, the time on-site was over a minute longer than previous site – no customer complaints and the Glove ID upsell was way up – so it was a major win getting it launched ahead of BFCM – I want to thank you guys for it!”

Shawn Norris, CEO

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