The conversion rate increased from 2% to 4.23%
In a search for high performing, non-toxic cleaning products Tincture was founded. Their award-winning cleaning and home products are 100% natural, non-toxic, antiviral, antibacterial, sustainably sourced, biodegradable and free from harmful toxic chemicals.


Why Rainy City?

Tincture wanted to update its website’s UX and establish new customer interaction strategies to increase conversions and customer uptake on subscriptions.

Project details:

  • A new clean homepage that highlighted the brands they retailed
  • Longform product pages
  • Subscription recommendation quizzes

The challenge

Their previous design lacked UX thought process and didn’t elevate the brand’s presence online. When reviewing the analytics and heat-mapping, we spotted a regular pattern of customers struggling to find what they needed.

Another area we wanted to focus on with Tincture was site speed. As customers found the UX difficult to navigate, they also had trouble navigating consistently due to slow loading speeds throughout the site.


Researching design

Working closely with the creative team at Tincture, we developed a bespoke design for the store. Throughout several strategy sessions, we shared ideas with the Tincture team and established key areas to improve.

Increasing customer shopping efficiency

We designed and developed a super clean homepage that told the Tincture story and really sold the brand to their customers.

The new site has a beautiful UX design with enhanced functionality to allow customers to find their products and get to the checkout with ease. Subscription uptake has also been increased due to the increase functionality and quizzes so that customers can find the perfect products for them.

Shopify store speed increase

With our new design and long-form product pages, we had to ensure that customers could navigate through the site at ease. Running a host of Shopify site speed optimisations we were able to dramatically increase the speed of the store.

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