Relief Pen

The idea behind Relief Pen is to elevate health and enhance wellbeing. The product is natural, THC free, non-psychoactive and contains a unique precision blend of terpenes that work synergistically with CBD to create a therapeutic effect, promoting relaxation, performance, and restoration.

Relief Pen came to Rainy City wanting a new store setup for a brand new product which will revolutionise the ecig business with a breath of fresh air.

Project details:

  • New Shopify store setup
  • Utilising Shopify 2.0 and sections
  • Custom built Shopify template
  • SEO Implementation
  • Functionality enhancements

The challenge

We had a tight deadline to launch Relief Pen of 6-8 weeks for a fully custom Shopify build. This included long form product pages and upsell offers to boost AOV.


Our UX team engaged in design workshops with the team at Relief Pen and used their expertise to create a branding pack for Relief Pen. It was important we incorporated colours which projected the values of the products throughout the site. We used neutral tones to convey the calmness and emphasise the product's purpose of aiding with stress relief.

Final Results

The tight deadline was met with the full custom build launching within the time frame, the client loved working with the Rainy City team and was impressed with their new Shopify store.

We built custom landing pages with content to help boost SEO, the site is built to make it easy to edit these pages with lots of sections for SEO content.

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