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Shopify Design & Development for USA based brand Printfresh. There’s more to Printfresh that meets the eye, and we wanted to help them show that off. Founded in 2016 by textile designer and fashion entrepreneur Amy Voloshin and her husband Leo, Printfresh is a collection of sleepwear and lifestyle items that are inspired by plants, animals and home decor

Why Rainy City

Printfresh wanted to redesign their Shopify store and take advantage of Shopify’s latest features to better showcase products and improve customer flow through their website. Printfresh had seen our portfolio of redesign projects along with our incredible results and wanted our design team to work alongside their development team to print their vision to life.

Project Details:

  • Full Shopify Store Redesign
  • Homepage
  • Product Pages
  • Collection Pages
  • Cart & Checkout Redesign
  • Optimized user flow and functionality

The challenge

Knowing they wanted to redesign their website and overhaul their user experience, Printfresh approached us after seeing our portfolio of Shopify redesign projects.

Printfresh wanted to create a more polished online experience for their customers that matched their brand. The previous website had become outdated and didn’t showcase their beautiful products in the way that they wanted.

Shopify store audit

We carried out a Shopify store audit for Printfresh to highlight key areas that needed to be improved to increase customer journey flow and the overall aesthetic of the website.

Their old website was causing issues with how users were shopping and navigating to find products. With a lack of cohesive branding and issues displaying products, we presented a range of potential new designs and store layouts based on their branding and how their users shop.

Bringing a new Shopify Store to life

Throughout the design phases, we worked cloesly with the Printfresh development team to ensure optimal functionality and brand consistency. As the Printfresh team was handling the development, we created concise guides to ensure a smooth handover and maximum effectiveness when pairing the new design with the back-end functionality of the store.

Shopify Cart & Checkout Redesign

The most important page of any Shopify store is the checkout proces and how visitors make a purchase.

We created a really simple, easy to use layout for the Printfresh cart and checkout process. The slideout cart allows users to complete their purchase easily by just clicking to go to the checkout or simply clicking away to continue shopping.

The Launch

We launched the new Printfresh Shopify store with the team loving the new site design, layout and functionality that we proposed.

The new website launched successfully, showcasing their new products, shots, beautiful imagery and matching their branding throughout.

Printfresh love their new store and are very happy with the polished feel and look of the new design.

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