227% increase in sales since launch

Katjes, the Dutch word for kitten, was founded in Germany in 1950. In 2006, they made the decision to change the entire production to make all Katjes products 100% plant based. Most recently the brand announced in 2020 it’s carbon neutral status at all three of their locations in Germany.

Why Rainy City?

Katjes came to Rainy City as their previous site was outdated and they felt it wasn’t representing the brand correctly. Using our UX expertise we worked with Katjes to design a Shopify store that not only represented the Katjes brand, but delivered a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Throughout the design and development phases, our creative and development teams worked closely with Katjes to get a true feel for the brand.

The Challenge

The previous website had 3 different sites linking to one landing page, after reviewing their analytics and customer journey, we found this was a massive sticking point for visitors and was resulting in low sales.

To help increase user flow to landing pages, we developed a new navigation. This resulted in a better overall look and feel for the Katjes brand, whilst driving visitors to the products they want much quicker.

Increased Average Order Value on Shopify

To maximise on the traffic that Katjes already gets to their site, we implemented upselling and cross selling at key conversion points throughout the user journey to help increase average order value.

The Result
Katjes has seen a huge success since launch with a 227% increase in sales. Upsells are also working better as well as the site appearing cleaner and easier to navigate.

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