Ivy Nixon

1214% increase in sales since launch on 19th Oct

Ivy Nixon Jewellery, founded in 2009, is Charlotte Dey's creative studio and the namesake of her great-grandmother, a woman who liked to notice the beauty in everything.  

Charlotte was up surrounded by art and strange artefacts, instilling in her a profound love of exquisite, timeless items. She began her work in jewellery repair after finishing her degree in Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University.

Ivy Nixon

Why Rainy City?

Ivy Nixon approached Rainy City in search of a redesign to help create a better customer journey and increase conversions through advanced integrations.

After seeing our portfolio and previous work with other Shopify Jewellery brands, Ivy Nixon wanted to partner with us to create a new online experience for their customers.

Project details:

  • Full Shopify Store Redesign
  • Shopify Tech Stack Integration
  • Advanced Configuration 
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation 

The Challenge

To kick the project off and identify key growth areas, Rainy City started with a Shopify strategy session and UX audit. With intricate information about each piece and wanting to provide further information to customers, Rainy City evaluated Ivy Nixon’s on-site strategy to establish content focus points that consumers shopping for Jewellery usually look for. 

Rainy City’s team of designers and developers established that the Ivy Nixon store needed a refresh with a new layout and customer journeys.                 

Shopify Store Layout Optimisation

After establishing key sticking points within the consumer journey through the Ivy Nixon store, the Rainy City team developed a new store layout to help make it easier for users to navigate and find what they’re looking for. 

Adding search and filter options enabled Ivy Nixon visitors to find products much more easily whilst enabling product discovery.    

1,214% increase in Shopify Conversions

The Shopify store optimisations the Rainy City design and development team made on the Ivy Nixon store resulted in a 1,214% increase in conversions since the launch.

With a new gemstone guide, Instagram integration and new filtering options, Ivy Nixon visitors are now able to get a more in-depth feel for the brand and explore new products. 

Shopify Tech Stack Evaluation

To help increase brand awareness and store esability, the Rainy City team evaluated the Ivy Nixon tech stack. Improving store loading speed whilst not compromising design and usability is always a top priority for the Rainy City team. 

Instafeed was implemented to help inspire shoppers with the latest pieces from Ivy Nixon whilst cementing social proof.     

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