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120% Increase in Sales In 30 Days & 200% Increase In Conversion Rate
Find out how Darts Corner migrated from Visualsoft to Shopify Plus, dramatically increasing conversion rate and revenue targets through a streamlined migration and ongoing optimization that leading up to BFCM.

The Worlds Number One Online Retailer for Darts

Darts Corner are the worlds biggest retailer for darts and associated products, manufacturing over 13,000 products from more than 30 different manufacturers. 

When Darts Corner came to Rainy City, they were looking to migrate from Visualsoft to Shopify Plus. They were struggling with getting the platform to grow and scale with their needs. They were limited by the platform and couldn't make changes quickly and efficiently to grow with their customer demands and competition. Alongside the migration to Shopify Plus, they were looking to implement a complex WMS setup using OrderWise. Rainy City worked with the Darts Corner team to migrate platforms, enhance functionality and assist with the transfer of thousands of products, orders and customers to the WMS.

They had the ambition to:

  • Migrate close to 1 million orders and customer data
  • Integrate and host a B2B platform within their site
  • Accelerate conversion rates and sales
  • Migration from Visualsoft to Shopify Plus

Transiting Data & Personalisation

Setting up with Orderwise, Rainy City created a fully automated product and stock app. Darts Corner wanted to manage product stock and building of products from within the PIM software, the app looks for changes created within the hour and feeds the data automatically from Shopify Plus to Orderwise. 

We also created an advanced solution for the personalisation of their products. On their previous website, personalisation was not managed on the product page level, this caused a drop off on the product level from customers due to a disruptive user experience. We created a bespoke piece of functionality to allow customers to add personalisation to their order from the product level, this manages the stock levels effectively and has complimented the increase of conversion rates. 

Creating an Enhanced User Experience

The new Darts Corner website offers a user focussed experience to their target demographic, in turn the design and development that Rainy City did will be set to allow Darts Corner to relaunch their online presence for the brand with a site that is clean, modern and has a great user experience and journey to speak to all their customers across the globe. Rainy City created a bespoke design based on a custom Shopify 2.0 template. We worked closely with the team at Darts Corner to carefully plan and execute all elements of the site to ensure branding, functionality and UX remain at the forefront of what we do. 

The launch of the site incorporated a number of pieces of functionality, such as an enhanced slide out cart, site speed optimisation and building out the personalisation upsell into a custom built solution. Since the launch of the new site, Darts Corner's conversion rate has increased by 200%, their average order value by 24% and their online sessions by 843%.

Accelerating Growth

Following the initial expanse in sales, Darts Corner are continuing to work with Rainy City for advice on further optimization and how to keep sales skyrocketing. To create a truly authentic shopping experience, we utilised all of Shopify Plus's features to give their customers the best experience.

The Finishing Touches

Our design and development work, combined with a targeted user experience strategy, created a dramatic increase in both sales and conversion rates for Darts Corner. The brand is on track to have their best BFCM and Christmas sales yet.

The results

Our work with Darts Corner has seen phenomenal results since launch - Online Sales increased by 120%, Conversion Rate is peaking at 4.39% which is 200% up, and Average Order Value has increased by 24%

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