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Budcraft came to Rainy City as a startup wanting a complete Shopify store setup for their CBD product looking to revolutionise the industry. Their playful USP of characterising different products set them aside from other brands in the industry.

Why Rainy City?

Budcraft wanted Rainy City’s help as they needed a quick turnaround of 6-8 weeks to launch. We conducted research which set a clear audience profile out and designed their new Shopify store with user experience at the forefront, this was important to budcraft as they're a new store and needed to reach the right demographic on launch.

Having previously worked with brands in regulated industries on Shopify, we knew how to overcome certain roadblocks that regulated industries face when launching a Shopify store.

Project details:

  • New Shopify store setup
  • Utilising New Shopify 2.0 features and sections
  • Custom built template
  • SEO Implementation
  • Functionality enhancements

Our experienced UX team devised a brand pack which highlighted brand guidelines to be incorporated throughout the site, we also designed the flavour characters to appear throughout the site alongside playful wording to fit in with the brand identity.

We used Dawn 2.0 to create a sleek and modern interface whilst also ensuring a great customer experience and user flow that drives visitors through the site to key conversion points.

The Challenge
Budcraft wanted a calculator incorporated into the site which allows customers to calculate how much they can save when switching from cigarettes to Budcraft products. This was a technical factor when building the site which was important we got right so the customer received the right information

Our developers created a bespoke calculator, working with our creative team to ensure maximum user engagement whilst keeping inline with the rest of the shopify store.


Custom Shopify Landing Pages
To help increase Shopify search visibility, we created custom landing pages to improve organic search rankings. The landing pages we developed were key conversion points within Budcraft’s user journey.

With product and landing pages being content rich, new visitors have enough information to make an informed purchase without having to navigate away to find out more.

Future Growth On Shopify

Throughout the design and development phases, we ensured future growth and scalability for Budcraft.

Building out pages with sections enables Budcraft to easily edit content without having to have coding or development knowledge, so content on the website can be up-to-date at all times.

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