Ben Garelick

Custom theme design with full user XP optimization, customized jewelry builder, responsive development with rapid deployment & migration of 20k + users
This project was a tall order that RCA was more than happy to accept. Find out how we helped Ben Garelick grow their business online.

Ben Garelick

Why Rainy City?

Ben Garelick wanted a complete overhaul of their website – creating an enhanced retail experience that was clean, modern, and fresh. As the previous site lacked optimization for desktop or mobile, the new site had to accommodate both while prioritizing SEO for their expansive collections.

Project details:

  • Custom theme design
  • User XP optimization
  • Enhanced search and filters
  • Customized jewelry builder
  • Migration of +20k users
  • Responsive design
  • Rapid deployement

The challenge

Following a comprehensive site review, we found that the historical site lacked the form and function needed for a modern retailer. The aesthetic missed the captivating elegance of the shimmer and glamour of the jewelry. Simultaneously, the site layout made it difficult for customers to refine their searches – leading to a 63% high bounce rate and 72% drop-off rate by users’ third interaction.


Refining the customer experience

Working closely with the Ben Garelick design team, we developed a series of straightforward user journeys based on customer profiles. We baked these pathways into the new site – engineering an entirely custom-built Shopify site.

One of the jewels in the website’s crown is the ‘mega menu.’ This quick-search function offers users the ability to search by their requirements – such as stone shapes, metals, styles, and even designers. This process enables customers to quickly refine their searches with an approach that mirrors those insightful in-store conversations.

We added the perfect safety-net for customers that might feel a little paralyzed by choice – an easy-to-use chat function with inviting copy that allows customers to spark up a conversation with the company.

Happily Ever After

Ben Garelick wanted to share their customers’ ‘big day’ events and experiences to create a sense of community and boost retention. With this in mind, we created a Happily Ever After's section.

This blog-like addition enables customers to share their beautiful moments while providing company case studies and a ‘shop the look’ section for potential customers unsure about purchasing.

Building the in-store experience, online

When choosing a jewelry piece, the new Ben Garelick site outshines the competition. Long-form product pages perform that essential task of ‘marketing’ the product – outlining the item’s features and emphasizing the benefits of purchasing today. To help customers visualize the products, we integrated video formatting into the pages, perfectly capturing each item’s sparkling beauty.

One of our proudest achievements was the development of an online ring builder and customizer. This tool enables customers to create and tailor the perfect ring to their requirements quickly. Furthermore, we made a simple back-end template for the team to develop and amend products as they expand their portfolio in the future.

The results

RCA’s cross-disciplinary teams worked in close collaboration on this project to generate a complete redesign in record timing. We’re also excited to say; the results have far-surpassed the company’s expectations. Within the first two weeks, online revenue increased by 48%, with an average order value boosted by 64% and customer retention by an astronomical 117%.


Increased conversion rate


Increase of customer retention


Increased AOV

“Rainy City took our digital presence to next level and created a clean, crisp, robust, modern (and fast) website despite the thousands of products we have in our collection. They took the time to listen & understand our needs and give us proper guidance on how best to implement them. In our first month after launch our sales have increased significantly! Happy to recommend them to anyone looking to build or re-design an existing site. Plus, we worked with them 100% remote being in the US!”

Peter Manka Jr, Owner

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