Email Marketing on Shopify

Email Marketing on Shopify

Klaviyo email marketing is the most seamless experience & one of the most consistent ways merchants can create revenue on their online store. Klaviyo allows customers to create flows, allowing brands to control their customer’s post-purchase experience.

Klaviyo is one of the best options for marketing on Shopify, named as the go-to customer platform for Shopify businesses. Klaviyo easily integrates with Shopify and is built to operate with your customer data in mind.

Allowing you to create different funnel campaigns is Klaviyo Flow, one of the biggest features in the Klaviyo toolbox. Flows work as a funnel and determine how emails are sent in certain campaigns, for example, what emails customers receive post-purchase.

Shopify X Klaviyo Use Case for Email Marketing

BionicGym use flows to send out training guides to customers each week, it’s a great way for the brand to connect with its customers, check in to see if they’re using products correctly and always be at the top of mind for customers.

This really helped automate a lot of manual work, saving time and money due to having processes that run automatically in the background.

Another great use case for managing marketing campaigns is with Sparkle in Pink, they use this for all of their promotional needs. One of the features they like the most is being able to see who has opened an email and who’s converted. If an email hasn’t been opened, Klaviyo allows you to send them another email a few days later to try and get that customer to interact with your brand.

Currently, in the development stages, we’ve created Klaviyo templates for Lee Stafford, starting with Shopify notifications and working our way to more advanced segments such as promotional templates.

Below are just two emails that are featured within the sequence for Lee Stafford. For us as an agency and for Lee Stafford as a brand, it’s important to keep customers in the loop at every stage of their buying journey. This is why we create segmented Klaviyo flows to give customers a nurtured shopping experience.

Klaviyo Product Delivery Email Flow

Klaviyo Email Marketing Sequence on Shopify

One of the emails that are sent towards the latter end of the sequence is the arrival email. Everyone loves to know that their products have been delivered safe and sound. It’s also a good opportunity for brands to upsell, promote any current offers and to ask for a review.

Order Delivered Email on Shopify

Abandoned Shopify Email Sequences

Whether it’s the cart or they’ve left your store without checking out. You’ve already spent the time and money trying to get customers, why let them leave just as they’re about the checkout?

Klaviyo’s e-commerce benchmark report has revealed open rates of abandoned cart emails sit at around 41%, with click rates at around 9.50%.

We built out an abandoned cart/checkout email reminder for Lee Stafford to push potential customers back through the funnel.

Klaviyo Cart Abandonment Email

Klaviyo Email Sequences That Convert

Welcome Email Sequence

Welcome email sequences are a great way to introduce your brand and welcome customers into your community. It’s also one of the best times to offer products that they may be interested in

Shopify Klaviyo Welcome Email

Shipping and Order Updates

Customers like to be updated and kept in the loop when they’ve purchased products. Creating an order flow for every stage of the product’s journey is important to both the customer and the brand.

For customers it gives them the peace of mind that their products are on the way, for brands, it’s another great avenue to promote their brand and show customers that they actually care.

Klaviyo Shipping Updates for Shopify Merchants

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