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Sparkle in Pink

Through our optimisations, we were able to increase their conversion rate by 15%.
Not like most other boutiques around, Sparkle in Pink designs their clothing so they are original and focus on selling only the trendiest and highest quality items. They're on a mission to create unique children's wear and put a smile on their faces. 

To stay competitive and cater to their mobile-centric audience, they sought to enhance their traditional web-based storefront with a mobile application.  

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Why Rainy City?

We worked with Sparkle In Pink to not only optimise their back end code for increased site speed, taking them from a score of 7 to an average of around 65, but also to transition their business model to a mobile-centric platform.

Our full website audit, led by our lead UX & UI designer Sarah, identified how we could increase conversion through a number of optimisations. 

Project details:

  • New UX flows
  • Design & Graphics
  • Desktop & Mobile experience
  • React Native mobile application development

The challenge

Their Shopify store had been running very slow. When reviewing the website data and seeing the user flow, we found certain sticking points throughout the store that were stopping users from converting.

They also needed to offer a more mobile-centric shopping experience to meet consumer preferences. Our challenge was to develop a mobile app that not only reflected the website's capabilities but also provided enhanced features for mobile users. This had to be done while ensuring seamless integration with the Shopify store to avoid any potential data mismatch or user experience discontinuities. 


Transition to Mobile

We chose React Native as the ideal platform because of its native-like performance, cross-platform capabilities, and seamless integration with Shopify.

To address potential user experience issues and visualise the app's flow, we developed a prototype. After multiple iterations and feedback from potential users and the client, we refined the design to align with user needs and expectations. With these insights, the development team began the process, prioritising scalability, performance, and security throughout. 

Key Features

Personalised User Experience: Leveraging AI and machine learning, the app offered personalised product recommendations based on users' browsing history and preferences. 

Enhanced Search Functionality: The app featured advanced search options, including voice and image search, making it easier for users to find exactly what they wanted.

Social Sharing: Users could effortlessly share their favourite products on social media directly from the app, boosting brand visibility. 

New Shopify user flow for increased conversions

Evaluating their current setup, we implemented industry-leading UX strategies to assist visitors as they navigate through the site, guiding them to products that they may be interested in.

Up & running for BFCM

Due to the time we onboarded Sparkle In Pink, the countdown was already on with the run up to Black Friday Cyber Monday.

Our efficiency and internal processes during discussions with Sparkle in Pink meant that we were able to get everything up, optimised and fully tested prior to launch.

The results

We worked with Sparkle In Pink to optimise their back end code to increase site speed. Taking them from a site speed score of 7 to an average of around 65.

Improving conversions and average order value.


Increased conversion rate


Increase of total orders


Increased AOV

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