Building Shopify Checkout Experiences on Social

Building Shopify Checkout Experiences on Social

Building checkout experiences on your social media profiles are now more important than ever. With the reduction of third party cookies allowing the segmentation and personalisation of ads, making your organic, social content shoppable is crucial to brand growth.

Just two years ago we predicted an e-commerce live streaming shopping trend. The introduction of short-form video content platforms like TikTok, Instagram reels and the pandemic has accelerated this growth. Consumers now feel the need to connect with brands on a deeper level and want to have conversations within a community that share the same interest in a brand or product.

Create Checkout Moments on Social

Shopify has partnered with most major social media platforms to offer seamless integration. This makes it much easier for merchants to make their content shoppable so customers can consume content and shop at the same time.

The seamless experience means that users don’t even have to leave the social platform they’re using to checkout.

Most brands are currently taking advantage of TikTok’s popularity, with both content and live streaming opportunities, along with Shopify partnering to create in-app shopping experiences on TikTok.

Sync your product catalogue with your business social media accounts, this way, users can make purchases directly on social media.

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Adding Social Sales Channels to Your Shopify Store

Adding sales channels to your social media channels is quite easy, with just a click of a few buttons you’ll be up and running, ready to sell through your social channels.

First head over to your Shopify dashboard, then click sales channels:

Once you click to set up sales channel you’ll be able to select from the list and connect your desired platform. If you can’t see what you’re looking for there’s a link at the bottom that will take you to the Shopify app store.

Sharing Shopify Products on Social Media

Once your store is linked up with your business accounts you’ll be able to get creative with your content strategy. Including promotional posts is important, balancing this out with genuine – non-salesy – content is important. If you start to share your products too much, this can be off-putting for your audience – depending on your brand -.

Now you’re ready to sell through social! Still stuck with your Shopify store and need to expand to the next level? Book a quick strategy session with us below.

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