Shopify X Linktree: To Increase Sales in your Shopify Store

Shopify X Linktree: To Increase Sales in your Shopify Store

Linktree has partnered with Shopify, allowing users to add storefronts on the Linktree platform. The very popular “link in bio” service has launched its Shopify integration to allow merchants to promote their brand and products, directly on its platform.

Linktree was launched to solve a problem, merchants, influencers and content creators struggled to share content and increase sales at the same time. The birth of Linktree helped brands share a bundle of important links, pointing to content, products and more.

Anyone who uses Shopify can showcase their Shopify products and collections directly on Linktree to reach new customers and increase sales.

Here’s everything you need to know about Shopify X Linktree:

Shopify stores on Linktree

Stores allow merchants to create mini storefronts on your Linktree link by sharing a collection or products from your store to display within the app. Visitors will be able to buy items right from your bio without having to truly leave the platform that they’re using.

Who can add a Shopify Store on Linktree?

Stores on Linktree are available to all Linktree users—free and PRO—who have or moderate a Shopify store.

Shopify X Linktree: How to increase conversions

There are a few ways you can use the Shopify X Linktree partnership to your advantage to increase conversions in your Shopify store.

Create holiday gift guides: When the holidays approach it’s usually quite difficult to promote your sales or a gift guide, now that you can add a collection directly into your bio, it will be so much easier for your social media followers to check out and buy products from your gift guide.

Promote special offers: With BFCM21 on the horizon, your visitors, followers and supporters are looking for deals! Show off your hottest products from your Shopify store in your bio.

New product launches: If you have a new product launch the Shopify X Linktree partnership is another brilliant way to help increase conversions and let your followers know about your new launch.

Showcase hero products: Have some best sellers? Products that your customers keep on buying? Your other followers may be interested as well. Showcase these on your Linktree.

How to connect Shopify and Linktree:

You have two ways to connect this feature
Option 1: Connect your Shopify from Linktree
Option 2: Connect your Linktree from Shopify
Follow these instructions to display Shopify links on your Linktree

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