Global Commerce: Internationalisation With Shopify

Global Commerce: Internationalisation With Shopify

One of the biggest problems for Shopify merchants in the UK is internationalisation. Over the last few years, Rainy City has been working with some of the world’s leading brands, creating Shopify stores for every country.

Combining Shopify Plus and Shopify Markets, we’ve been creating unique experiences for merchants on Shopify, allowing brands to operate in multiple territories with a localised approach in each region.

Internationalisation on Shopify

L’Couture approached Rainy City needing help with SEO. We established that their website setup was lacking in certain areas such as HREF Lang and this was getting the brand SEO strikes for duplicate content.

In just the first week of working together, we were able to turn this around, making sure the brand had the right foundations to build their SEO even more.

Creating a localised experience allows merchants to have promotions all around the world. April was a particularly busy month for L’Couture due to Eid celebrations, this is prime shopping time in the UAE. As L’Couture has a store for both the US and UAE, they were able to run multiple campaigns across different sites. For example Eid celebration promotions for UAE and Mothers Day Promotions for the US.

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Localised Shopify Stores

When working with MDO Skin we wanted to create a really localised experience due to them having a store in a different region. We developed a different language experience on their German store, creating a more personal experience for customers in Germany which had a great effect on conversion rates.

Region Selection on Shopify Store

International Shopify Storefront

Shopify development for different language stores

When developing the Caffeine Lab Shopify store we had to pay close attention to the store structure when building out localised features such as language. Caffeine Lab has a lot of Arabic customers so having both English and Arabic on their Shopify store was very important for the brand. We had to develop the website to be able to read from right to left when customers visited in Arabic speaking regions.

Arabic Shopify Store Language Switcher

Localised Multi-Stores on Shopify

Another great way to improve user experience in different regions is by building stores for different countries on the same domain. BionicGym operates in a few different countries such as Canada, US and UK.

Developing a multi-store build helped us create a unique experience in every region.

International Shopify Store - Mobile Layout

We also enabled a multi-store setup for L’Couture, currently having the US as their main domain, they still include global shipping and we included the localised currency changer so customers can shop in the currency they use.

Localised Shopify Store United States

Localised Shopify Store - International Switch

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