What is Shopify Markets?

What is Shopify Markets?

Shopify Markets helps shrink the world and make international commerce easier, enabling merchants to sell to customers around the world.

What is Shopify Markets?

Shopify is making it easy to optimise eCommerce sites for foreign markets all from one place.

Previously, if a company wanted to access a worldwide market, it had to sell through a marketplace or another merchant.

Shopify Markets, a new solution that eliminates the need for a third party and allows businesses to sell directly to foreign customers, eliminates the need for a third party.

Merchants may sell outside of their native nation with Shopify Markets without having to deal with issues like currency conversion, language localization, offering local payment options, or duty and import taxes.

Shopify businesses have access to all cross-border features straight out of the box.

What does Shopify Markets do?

  • Enter new markets easily
  • Create localized experiences for different markets
  • Customise variables such as:
    • Localised currencies and payment methods
    • Pricing and price rounding rules per market
    • Product availability per market
    • Local languages
    • Local domains with automatic SEO optimisation
    • Duties and import taxes on behalf of the buyer to eliminate surprise costs at product delivery
    • Gain access to actionable insights and smart settings for each market
  • Easily manage everything from a single place

In July 2021, over 27% of all traffic to Shopify stores came from buyers overseas.

Currency translation, language localisation, offering local payment methods, and duty and import taxes are all obstacles to selling globally efficiently. Shopify Markets breaks down those barriers and makes it much easier for merchants to sell to international customers. Read our article on How to Sell Internationally on Shopify.

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