Shopify Updates: New Features to Shopify in 2022

Shopify Updates: New Features to Shopify in 2022

Shopify is constantly updating its platform to make it the best ecommerce solution out there. In 2020, they made some big changes with Shopify Plus and Shopify Wave. And in 2022, they are planning more updates that will make Shopify even better for businesses of all sizes. 

We’ve been checking out the changes and have compiled the latest updates and features coming to Shopify.

Here are some of the most exciting changes coming to Shopify in 2022 from Rainy City, the Shopify Plus Agency:

New Shopify Features for finding customers

Shopify has introduced a host of new features, enabling more merchants to use new channels to find customers.

Find Customers with Shopify Audiences

Finding new consumers with paid ads has become increasingly difficult and costly. That's why Shopify has developed Shopify Audiences, a new app from Shopify that aids in the discovery of your next best client. The purchase intent perspective offered by Shopify, as well as the merchant network, helps identify purchasers searching for your items.

This will allow brands to create and export high-interest audiences to ad platforms like Facebook.

Why Shopify Audiences?

  • Higher conversion rates and better performing ads
  • Smart audience creation with machine learning]
  • Shopify Plus exclusive

Shop Cash

Shopify's most popular checkout is getting even better this year. Shopify will provide buyers with millions of dollars in Shop Cash bonuses for their Shop Pay transactions. 

You may use Shop Cash Boosts to offer incentives to attract new consumers who already have the Shop app installed on their phones.

Twitter Shopping for Shopify stores

With all the noise coming from TikTok and Instagram in recent years, it’s quite easy for merchants to put Twitter on the backburner. But for those brands that have been tweeting away, they’ll be able to take advantage of Twitter Shopping.

Merchants will now be able to sell products directly through their Twitter profiles. 

Dovetale for finding influencers on Shopify

Influencers now play a huge part in helping boost sales, grow your brand and reach new audiences. 

Shopify's Dovetale is an all-in-one creator management tool that helps you find new creators, develop authentic communities, better manage relationships, and track affiliate sales.

Linkpop - Shopify’s shoppable link in bio

Linkpop is a free link-in bio tool designed for commerce, powered by Shopify’s fast and secure checkout. With a shoppable link 2x more likely to convert, curate everything you’re creating online like your website, blog, playlists, and more—all from your social media bio.

Marketplace Kit on Shopify

Merchants can build unique shopping experiences into any platform with Shopify’s flexible APIs.

With Shopify's Marketplace Kit, you can connect your platform to millions of sellers and businesses and create customized shopping experiences for each business and brand. Trusted by popular international platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, and Spotify.

Convert More Visitors on Shopify

A new range of product offerings has been released by Shopify, allowing merchants to convert more customers, no matter where they’re shopping.

B2B on Shopify in 2022

With Shopify's B2B solution, the most important and powerful wholesale capabilities are already built right into the Shopify admin. That means you can take advantage of the full potential of the Shopify platform to run your whole business in one seamless, customized shopping experience. This is the B2B platform you've been looking for.

Shopify Point of Sale

Shopify Point of Sale is an ideal solution for selling in person, whether you're just getting started or have a business. With Shopify POS software, you may take payments from your iPhone and sell anywhere there is Shopify POS hardware.

With consumers now seeking in-store experiences, it’s never been a more important time to have Shopify’s POS in your brick-and-mortar store.

Shopify Markets

With a single admin for all your storefronts, Shopify Markets makes it easy to reach new geographic regions and optimize your company for worldwide sales from one location in your Shopify admin. Improve the purchasing experience for customers by customising your storefront for each market to drive up to 40 percent higher conversion rates.

Checkout Extensibility (Shopify Plus Exclusive)

Apps may now be used to customize Shopify Plus checkout pages. Brands, loyalty systems, suggested goods, and more may all be added. It's secure, quick, and upgrade-safe, with integration for the most effective converting checkout on the internet.

Shop Pay Enhancement

Shop Pay is here to help you improve your order volume and streamline your eCommerce operations. With greater flexibility, you may build new buy-now-pay-later options into the platform and fulfil them without worry.

New products and features: Monthly instalment options and free fraud protection for US customers.

Discount Combinations now on Shopify

Finally, merchants are able to mix discounts on the same order, making it simple to run special offers that attract new consumers, gain repeat business, and boost conversions.

Storytelling and Tech Stack Advancements on Shopify

Allowing brands to tell their stories, Shopify has been busy in the meta, giving merchants the ability to sell NFTs and so much more. Here are some of the new features that you’ll want to add to your store in 2022.

Hydrogen + Oxygen: The Headless Commerce Stack

With a Shopify-developed React framework, you can build headless storefronts for Shopify. Hydrogen provides the tools and components you need to foster development fast. 

Then, with one click on Oxygen, Shopify’s globally distributed hosting solution, you may deploy your site anywhere in the world. Create fast, headless storefronts that work anywhere.

Tokengated Commerce

Your fans can connect their crypto wallets to your store and unlock special benefits with their NFTs, such as exclusive goods, early access to drops, cool collaborations with other brands, or even IRL experiences, thanks to Tokengated Commerce.

Store Editor and Theme Updates

Shopify has released eight new free themes and ten new premium themes that are aimed at conversion and provide different and innovative means to personalise your online shop.

New products and features: Preview inspector, theme updates, Online Store Editor for Shopify Mobile, no code 3D viewer configuration, and Themes.


Advanced metafields that work across more aspects of your organization, such as consumers and orders. Dynamically display your unique information across your storefront after you've created it.

Search and Discovery on Shopify

Increase conversions with customizable search, filtering, and product recommendations, so your customers can find products they love at the moment they're most likely to buy them. 

Currently, this is only available via signup to be considered for early access.

Generate Lifetime Customers on Shopify

Shopify is now giving merchants even more tools to get insights into their best customers to help turn them into lifetime customers. You don’t want to miss out on these new Shopify features.

ShopifyQL Notebooks

The ability to access corporate data more quickly and easily means you don't have to rely on a data scientist to understand your company inside and out. You may now use ShopifyQL 

Notebooks, which is designed for commerce and allow you to construct your own data narrative and find insights and business prospects through writing your own data story.

Engaging With Your Customers on Shopify

Make sure you connect with each customer. Shopify Email customisation tools allow you to create attractive, on-brand campaigns. 

Save time by automating emails and improving conversions by targeting specific consumer categories. 

Foster stronger connections with your customers through 24/7 chat support. And, soon, you'll be able to expand your client list and collect essential customer information.

Managing Your Brand on Shopify

The back-end business is about to get easier, giving you more time to focus on getting your brand out there and increasing sales.

Shopify Admin Enhancements

Small and subtle upgrades may have a significant influence on the entire experience and performance of Shopify. Shopify has introduced dozens of functions and redesigns that improve how you upload, edit, arrange, and set up in Shopify, with many more to come.

Bulk editor tool

New App navigation

New staff and partner permissions

Shopify’s Fulfillment Network

The Shopify Fulfillment Network helps you expand your business by offering fast, secure 2-day delivery to turn more consumers. Take advantage of free storage for six months per item to minimize upfront expenses and make returns easier. 

Focus on marketing, customer service, and developing new items while the Shopify Fulfillment Network takes care of fulfilment

Shop Promise

By earning the Shop Promise badge for your business, you'll be able to grow sales and be discovered by billions of buyers on different platforms by demonstrating your commitment to fast, dependable 2-day deliveries and hassle-free returns.

Shopify Global Shipping

Shopify now offers free shipping for all merchants in the UK and France, thanks to Shopify Shipping. It's easy to use, and installation is simple; all of it happens within Shopify.

Shopify Supply Chain Expansion

With Deliverr, Shopify will be able to offer faster delivery and better inventory management, as well as pre-fulfilment logistics support through Flexport. 

Shopify is making managing your supply chain easy while also providing new growth channels and tools used by the biggest companies.

Shopify Flow

​​New features in Shopify Flow allow you to design your own workflows to streamline commerce-related activities, such as inventory monitoring and fraud detection, so you may focus on what really helps your company grow. Flow is now accessible to all merchants on the Shopify Plus plan and higher.

Scale and Build Your Brand on Shopify

Custom Apps for Shopify

Shopify is on a mission to provide the greatest commerce apps in the world. 

Shopify Built for Shopify is a new program that provides the tools, functionality, and documentation to create an app that appears and functions as if it belongs on Shopify.

Shopify Functions

Shopify Functions lets developers build apps that customize discounts, shipping, and payment settings and then configure them in the Shopify admin. Functions were built to scale up for major sales events and still execute in under 5 milliseconds. 

Data Protection on Shopify

Customers' personal data should be accessible only by the apps that you choose. Shopify is adding new data minimization, transparency, and security standards for apps to better support your effort to follow privacy and data protection laws.

Managing Your Cash Flow with Shopify Balance

Shopify Balance is a free money management account for your company that you may use in your Shopify store's admin. Get paid faster, use your card everywhere Visa is accepted, earn rewards, pay no monthly fees, and stay on top of your finances with Shopify Balance.

Shopify Capital

Funding for first-time borrowers has been increased by Shopify Capital to help them grow faster and further. Find out more about Shopify Capital.

Carbon-neutral Shipping on Shopify with Planet

An app that can power carbon-neutral shipping and interact with consumers.

Make all of your deliveries carbon-neutral, contribute to cutting-edge carbon removal initiatives, and inform your customers about it with storefront icons.

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