Shopify store audit by Shopify experts

Shopify store audit by Shopify experts

Before we start designing and building, we review our client’s existing website to identify current pain points and blockages in the browsing and purchase funnel.

Using our knowledge, best practices and experience in e-commerce we’re able to build audit processes for each client, regardless of the niche and establish a full Shopify store audit for our clients. This includes highlights such as heat mapping, page recordings along with other site metrics that we can gain insights from with regards to customer behaviour and pattern recognition.

Within the audit, we suggest a variety of possible solutions which range from quick development fixes to overall brand image, looking at both the small and bigger picture means we can then scope out a plan of action which will help improve your site as quickly as possible. 

Our audits are often the starting block of our client relationships as it gives them an opportunity to see how we tick and what we view as being important and beneficial in e-commerce. Ranging from quick overviews, finding bugs & errors that could be detrimental to a website’s success, to deep dives into app integrations and functionality. 

Kypris – Shopify Store Audit

Kypris came to us unsure of how to tackle improvements on their current website. We combed through each of their pages and presented a pathway to improve UX, design, brand voice, product cataloguing, functionality and site speed.  

Overall Conversion Rate Improvements & Analytics

  • Current October 2020: CR: 1.02%
  • Avg Order Value: $201
  • Returning Customer Rate: 52%


As this is your most landed on page, it’s really key to capture the customer’s attention at this point, using a static image up top and letting the user know who you are, what you do and what you offer will increase the chances of them staying and wanting to shop, currently, there are multiple sections that lack cohesion
and a consistent story and user flow, making it difficult for the user to easily find what they are looking for & remain engaged with the site.

From the heat mapping, we found that 50% of users scroll down to half of the homepage, which means half of the customers are getting to your product carousel to make a purchasing decision.

The majority of the users are landing and clicking straight into the menu, very few are clicking or scrolling through the slideshow to view more. Making
the hero banner being more direct & engaging could improve this engagement.

Loyalty Program is actively clicked on – which shows we need to feature this more prominently in the menu to ensure users know – one thing noticed is
there is no x out of the loyalty pop out which could be distracting if customers want to start shopping after they have read this info.

On mobile – the majority of users are going straight into the menu or scrolling to find the product carousel – this indicates that the product carousel should be higher up on the page to ensure they can get to what they’re looking for straight away & will direct users into the purchase funnel sooner.

The dropoff rate from the homepage is extremely high – as this is the most visited page, we recommend fully redesigning and restructuring this page.


  • One static image for your hero – clearly displaying your key product offering, who you are, what you do and what you offer with a call to action. Slideshows are redundant and won’t be watched by the user, it’s important to capture their attention at the point to ensure they remain switched on and want to continue shopping through the site.
  • Hero banner text to be coded rather than on images.
  • Remove second full-width banner – this is currently taking up valuable real estate.
  • Image & text optimisation for desktop & mobile.
  • Remove the sticky banner at the bottom of the page – it’s easily missed and takes up valuable screen
  • Look at tightening up the brand offering and messaging through imagery, text, tone of voice & design. We
    need a clear and concise message so that the user can instantly understand and engage with the brand
    & products.
  • Discover Your Routine is a good feature but would benefit from more information – Why has the quiz been
    developed? What are the benefits? etc.

Recommended Homepage Order

Hero Banner (static) / About the brand section (text) / Best sellers carousel / Key Collections / Discover Your Ritual / Beauty by Beauty section (condensed) / Email signup / Footer


  • Declutter header – there are currently a lot of elements fighting for attention. We need to feature the important, relevant and most engaging elements.
  • Recommended menu order:
    Shop / About / Discover / Blog / Contact / Loyalty Programme
    Search (recommend using Searchanise), Account and Cart should all sit within the header on the right.
  • Menu text size and spacing need to increase on desktop and mobile for better usability.
  • Offering within the menu is too specific for the number of products available. We think the collections should be reduced and then we can include specific product call-outs to bestsellers.
  • The heatmap shows most users click on ‘Shop All’ or ‘Shop By Product Type’
    Remove language selector from mobile view.
  • Fix Needed: When you X the announcement bar, the cart and search disappears
  • Fix Needed: The accessibility icon is blocking the mobile menu when trying to click through.


  • Remove the sticky footer as it’s easily missed
  • Footer to be re-ordered for mobile
  • Newsletter sign up can sit above the footer as well in a more prominent section

Collection Pages

  • Individual collection pages to have descriptions at the top to explain the product selection.
  • Filters to be implemented with the current menu categories (troubled skin, untroubled, moisturiser, cleaners) so users can find the product they need I.e. a moisturiser for sensitive skin
    Recommendation >
  • Mobile – 2 products per row.
  • Include Reviews stars on collection pages.

Product Pages

  • Example Product: Beauty Elixir I
  • CTA to be more prominent – currently, it’s smaller than the Size selector – this should be a solid colour, it’s
    far too faint at the minute.
  • Move the Kypris Microemulsion out of the variant images – this should be an offer either on the product
    page as a bundle/cross-sell or as an upsell when they add this to the cart.
  • Consultation call out should be more visible – Move this to be near the Size Selector or Variants – Rather than having a square image here have a link with lightbox rather than directing them off the product page – this should be the users’ last option – the goal is for them to ATC first.
  • Move video into product variant for better visibility.
  • Due to the price point of the products, we feel these pages need to be made much more luxurious.
  • Upgrade reviews app to Yotpo or Smile – You want to make this process much more automated where
    reviews are sent automatically to customers.
  • Add USPs – What makes you stand out – is it key ingredients, is its top customer service, is it gifting – feature these on the product page.
  • Mobile
  • Title and Reviews above the product image.
  • Tighten up spacing between sections.
  • Increase font sizes.
  • ATC button – Needs to be bolder.
  • Reorder the product page – based on recommendations for design and layout on desktop – this should be
    condensed into mobile and will improve user flow.
  • Add sticky ATC.
  • Include Gift With Purchase on a product to increase the CR of people checking out for a free gift.
  • Recommended products to be on the carousel.

Content Pages – About Us/ Consultation etc

Would benefit from a redesign and mobile optimization.

About us page should be one link – if going into one link then we recommend adding a secondary nav for this page which anchors you down to the relevant section.

Clearer labelling of the skincare quiz (think this is a nice feature but is easily missed currently)

Redesign of quick and product suggestions.


  • Look at the consistency of styling and colours.
  • Features like the hand-drawn icons look great but feel out of place with the rest of the site.
  • Work to achieve a more consistent brand image throughout the site. The overall tighter brand aesthetic.
  • As it’s a high-end site, we think adding some animation or features would be great touches to evoke a
    premium feel into the user experience.

infographic showing process of rainy city agency's process of conducting a shopify store audit

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