Drive Revenue on Shopify: Product Recommendation Quizzes

Drive Revenue on Shopify: Product Recommendation Quizzes

Product recommendations quizzes are a great way to drive revenue on Shopify. Asking your customers questions is the best way to find out what they want/need and promote the best products for them to ensure a personalised shopping experience.

Running product recommendation quizzes on Shopify will also help brands segment their customers to ensure more relevant marketing goes out to customers in future.

For certain brands such as skincare and cosmetics, offering product recommendations specific to their conditions and skincare routine is so important and one of the best ways to increase conversions.

Consumers are looking for unique shopping experiences and it’s up to merchants to provide those experiences or risk being left behind.

How to drive revenue with product recommendation quizzes on Shopify:

What is a product recommendation quiz?

Product recommendation quizzes have been named a few things over the years; eCommerce quizzes or shippable quizzes to mention a couple. As mentioned above, they’re a great way to guide shoppers through a unique shopping experience to items that best suit their needs.
As they select different answers throughout your quiz, the product selection will be narrowed down and eventually present customers with products that best suit them based on the answers they provide.

How do I create a product recommendation quiz on Shopify?

Product recommendation quizzes can be done in a number of ways on Shopify. By far our favourite is the Octane AI product recommendation quiz.

Octane AI’s product recommendation quiz can be set up in a couple of different ways. One is a pop-up and the other is to dedicate a full page. Which one you choose will depend on your tech stack and industry.

For example, not all skincare customers will be looking for the same products, some may need help with oily skin and others may be more concerned about wrinkles.

Segmenting your customers

Once you start to get more customers using your quiz, you can segment them into your campaigns, email flows and SMS. No one likes bulk emails that’re irrelevant to them, consumers are becoming more aware and prefer a personalised experience. If you can provide that unique experience, you’ll start to see a great uplift in repeat customers, lifetime customers and conversions in general.

Creating your product quiz

When planning your product quiz, you should use as much historical data as you can so you can form a quiz that your customers will enjoy and actually use.

One point to think of is what are the most popular questions your customers tend to ask about your products. Another point to note is to make your quiz on brand. No one wants to feel as though they’re doing a survey and not receiving anything for it, curate a unique experience and use your brand voice to really engage customers.

Your brand voice will only take you so far though. It’s all well and good having the right questions, offering the right products and presenting your quiz in your brand voice. But if your quiz is too long then no one will complete it.

Building your quiz logic is another important factor that you’ll want to pay close attention to. Sit down with your marketing, UX and design teams and get them to collaborate and work out the best quiz logic for your customers.

If you haven’t implemented product recommendation quizzes in your Shopify store, it’s definitely something you should consider and test. Consumers are spending more money on brands that can offer a unique, personalised experience. With the online landscape in terms of advertising, they are definitely one of the best strategies to combat rising acquisition costs in 2022.

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