What is Shopify Plus? A Simple Definition

What is Shopify Plus? A Simple Definition

Shopify Plus is the version of Shopify built for large online businesses, or businesses that are scaling rapidly. It sits at the top of Shopify’s platform offering, with plenty of exclusive features and advanced functions.

As online businesses grow and expand, they are going to face more complexities. Complexities like managing a vast inventory, growing their customer service to meet rising demand, or navigating the different regulatory requirements of multiple regions. 

Shopify Plus is built exactly for these challenges. It’s more powerful and way more flexible than the standard Shopify, incorporating all the familiar features from other Shopify plans - and then some.

Big names like Kylie Cosmetics, Carhartt, Rebecca Minkoff, Lazy Oaf, Gymshark, Alo Yoga, Heinz, Lindt are examples of brands that trust and use Shopify Plus to run their e-commerce operations.  

Despite its enhanced capabilities, Shopify Plus looks and feels pretty much the same in the backend as the other Shopify versions. It retains the user-friendly interface of the standard Shopify platform - however really amps up the features to cater to the demands of online stores that sell and manage a lot of inventory.

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