Shopify Custom Theme Creation

Shopify Custom Theme Creation

Offering a fully bespoke Shopify 2.0 experience, we used the dawn theme, developing easy to maintain and future-proofed website design. When designing Shopify stores, we keep our clients in mind and make it easy for them to make amendments without our guidance after the initial handover phase.

Our first Shopify 2.0 custom theme build was Lee Stafford, using Shopify’s new feature sections, we built out a super bespoke and unique Shopify store that’s fully optimised for conversions.

Whilst working with the Lee Stafford team, we established a brief for what promotions they run throughout the year. Each section we created can be used anywhere on the store, making it really easy for the Lee Stafford team to create a new page.

Inspired Shopping That Converts

Get the look! Our unique influencer inspired product feature was built to inspire shoppers.

In a world of influencers and social media, all eyes are on some of the internet’s biggest personalities for product and look inspirations.

Whilst Lee Stafford was busy getting the content together, we built out the page and functionality to help inspire Lee Stafford shoppers looking to change up their look and try something new.

Having a custom theme allows Lee Stafford to work on every area of the website easily. Giving our clients the ability to move forward with or without us is very important to us as an agency, giving Lee Stafford full control to give their customers a truly unique experience.

Enhanced product information & purchasing experiences

We integrated a product comparison tool which allowed users to compare selections within the PDPs. Adding subscription-based purchasing on both PDP level and a dedicated bundle builder page offers users multiple routes to purchase and subscribe.

With our custom theme creation, Lee Stafford can easily edit all aspects of their store going forward.

Unique order process on Shopify

Another unique feature we built for one client is the bundle builder. This is great as customers are able to build out what they need and create the perfect products for them.

Due to our custom Shopify theme creating, the brand is easily able to edit these, with their website being future-proof.

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