BFCM 2021: Successful Facebook Ads Strategies to Scale

BFCM 2021: Successful Facebook Ads Strategies to Scale

You know how to run your Facebook ads, you’ve run them through the BFCM holiday seasons previously. But over the last couple of years, things have been slightly different. This has presented a great opportunity for many brands to pay more attention to how they’re scaling online.

We caught up with Peter Carter from Rainy City Agency to ask how merchants can cut through the noise this BFCM, here’s what he had to say:

Are there any successful strategies that you’ve been using with clients?

One of the main strategies that are successful currently is using ‘pre-sell’ pages to give people value and overcome their objections first before they end up on your product page, especially if you’re running Facebook ads where no one’s intentionally looking to buy anything.

It’s a great way to overcome objections people may have and also put focus on your BFCM offers in there with scarcity etc.

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Another great strategy is to build Lookalike audiences of your BFCM purchasers from last year and also run ads to the custom audience. Klaviyo is great to do this by selecting a date range and sending that data through as a custom audience to Facebook, you could also export a static list out of Shopify by applying some filters.

What ad creatives work well for BFCM?

Definitely, text overlays on your images/videos talking about Black Friday and making it clear that there’s an offer on. People are going to be getting hammered so much with offers, that the more we make ours stand out and try and generate an impulse purchase, the better.

Ad copy that converts in BFCM?

Just making it really obvious that they have you have an offer they shouldn’t miss out on. For the headline part of the ads, I would make it really clear that there’s an offer.

I’d also leave the copy open to being able to be run at any time, as in, before the weekend starts and after it. We saw more profit the week before BFCM with the ads than over the actual weekend! And don’t be afraid to leave ads that are performing well turned on for a few days after the Monday, if they’re still profitable.

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How do effectively manage your ad spend throughout BFCM to make sure you get the most bang for your buck?

If you are doing really high spending I would use to put automated rules in place to save money and cut bad performers as well as scale things that work.

You can set rules up that we would make as humans and have things automated.

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