Using Shopify BFCM Data To Scale Your Ads

Using Shopify BFCM Data To Scale Your Ads

We have found that exporting your data from BFCM and using these as custom and lookalike audiences in Facebook to be our best performing audiences.

The data Facebook holds on these people is as close to the ‘impulse purchase’ and Black Friday type buyers that we want to reach, so let’s capitalise on this and reach more of the same people!

Simply apply the date filter in Shopify, export your customers and bang them into Facebook.

There are probably many more options available if you think out of the box and test, but here are the core audiences that we have found to perform well:

Audience 1: All purchasers during BFCM week from the previous year/years.

Audience 2: All purchasers from the last 48-96 hours. This audience will be creating DURING the current BFCM week and get laser targeted, up-to-date data on who the people are that are purchasing this year.

The more data the better, but if you’re selling at scale and have the opportunity to get more granular with your audiences, try it! Think product specific, spend specific, multiple orders and so on.

Test it out!

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