2023 eCommerce Holiday Calendar

2023 eCommerce Holiday Calendar

Here’s your complete guide to the 2023 eCommerce holiday calendar. If you own an eCommerce brand, these key dates will give you a chance to connect with consumers.

Not every holiday will be relevant to your brand, but it’s likely that a few may relate to you. Make sure you take note and don’t miss the chance to create opportunities from these holidays. 


It’s a New Year and a fresh start for most people. It’s important to create opportunities for your customers to achieve their goals, whether that be embarking on a health journey or trying something new.

1st January- New Years Day 

1st-31st January- Dry January 

1st-31st January- Veganuary

19th January- Get To Know Your Customers Day

22nd January- Chinese New Year

24th January- National Compliment Day

25th January- Burns Night

26th January- Australia Day

26th January- National Spouse’s Day


We’re truly into the New Year by this point, the health kicks start to fade and the holidays begin to get creative. 

2nd February- Groundhog Day

9th February- National Pizza Day

12th February- Super Bowl 

13th February- Galentine's Day

14th February- Valentines Day

17th February- Random Act of Kindness Day

20th February- Love Your Pet Day

20th February- Family Day

21st February- Pancake Day


Spring is starting and March is packed full of fun! Take advantage of the good morale amongst your customers.

2nd March- World Book Day

6th March- National Dress Day

8th March- International Women’s Day

17th March- St. Patrick's Day 

19th March- Mother’s Day (UK)

20th March- International Day of Happiness

25th March- International Waffle Day


Brace yourselves, April is a busy month for holidays- as always, planning ahead is essential.

1st April- April Fools’ Day

7th April- Good Friday

9th April- Easter Sunday

10th April- Easter Monday

10th April- National Sibling Day 

11th April- National Pet Day

20th April- Get to Know Your Customers Day

21st-22nd April- Eid

22nd April- Earth Day

23rd April- St. George’s Day

30th April- World Honesty Day


The cold weather is on its way out and things are starting to brighten up! Be sure to make the most out of the good morale.

1st-31st May- Mental Health Awareness Month

2nd May- Brothers and Sisters Day

4th May- Star Wars Day

5th May- Cinco de Mayo

11th May- National Eat What You Want Day

13th May- Eurovision Song Contest Final 

13th May- World Cocktail Day

14th May- Mothers Day (US)

17th May- World Baking Day

25th May- National Wine Day

29th May- Memorial Day

29th May- Spring Bank Holiday

30th May- National Creativity Day

31st May- National Smile Day


People are looking forward to their summer holidays and there’s good vibes all round! Take note of these dates while everyones getting into the summer spirit.

1st-30th June- Pride Month

2nd June- National Doughnut Day

5th June- World environment Day

8th June- Best Friends Day

10th June- World Gin Day

14th June- American Flag Day

15th June- National Beer Day (UK)

18th June- Fathers Day 

21st June- First Day of Summer

21st June- National Selfie Day

30th June- Social Media Day


We’re over halfway through the year, take a step back and take some time to check your business.

1st July- Canada Day

4th July- American Independence Day

7th July- World Chocolate Day

18th-19th July- Islamic New Year

20th July- Get To Know Your Customers Day

26th July- Back to School (ends early September)

30th July- International Day of Friendship

31st July- National Avocado Day


There’s an assortment of days for everyone in the eCommerce holiday calendar for August. Remember, not every holiday will suit your brand, don’t force it.

8th August- International Cat Day 

9th August- Book Lovers Day

10th August- National Lazy Day

11th August- Son and Daughter Day 

19th August- World Photography Day 

24th August- Burger Day

26th August- International Dog Day

28th August- Summer Bank Holiday


The summer holidays are over and the kids are back to school. Perhaps it’s time for a promotion to keep the high spirits for a little longer?

4th September- Labour Day 

5th September- Back To School (differs for locations)

6th September- Read A Book Day

10th September- National Grandparents Day

16th September-3rd October- Oktoberfest

16th September- World Guacamole Day

23rd September- First Day Of Fall 

27th September- World Tourism Day


We’re into Q4 (arguably the start of the real holiday season), it’s time to embrace the cosy weather and get your favourite festive mugs out.

1st-31st October- Black History Month

1st-31st October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

1st-31st October- Go Sober For October (stoptober)

1st October- International Coffee Day

1st October- World Vegetarian Day

10th October- World Mental Health Day

16th October- World Food Day

25th October- World Pasta Day

28th October- National Make A Difference Day

29th October- National Cat Day

31st October- Halloween 


Brace yourselves, November is a hectic month! Black Friday Cyber Monday is fast approaching.

1st-30th November- Movember 

1st November- World Vegan Day

5th November- Bonfire Night

11th November- Remembrance Day

11th November- Singles’ Day

12th November- Diwali


Most people have probably done their holiday shopping in November, although the last minute buyers are always inevitable.

Make sure you’re transparent with your customers with delivery times to avoid any dissatisfaction.

7th-15th- December- Hanukkah

14th December- National Free Shipping Day

22nd December- Winter Solstice 

24th-25th December- Christmas Eve and Day

26th December- Boxing Day

31st December- New Years Eve 


We hope this eCommerce holiday calendar for 2023 is useful. As we said, not every holiday will be suited to your brand but there may be a few which could help increase conversions for your store!

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