BFCM 2022: Quickfire Checklist (6 Must-Haves)

BFCM 2022: Quickfire Checklist (6 Must-Haves)

It’s that busy time of year again, BFCM is round the corner and we’re all getting prepared for the busiest season in e-commerce. 

If you’re still yet to finish your BFCM preparations with your Shopify store, we’ve got you!

We’ve put together a last minute checklist to prepare you to make this time of year a little smoother. 

BFCM22: Quickfire Checklist - 6 Must Haves for Shopify Merchants Throughout the Holidays.

BFCM Offers & Sales

  • Have all your offers and sales ready to go
  • Line up a star offer e.g., a best selling product at marked down price
  • Do a final backup of your store before you launch

Prepare for High BFCM Demand

The popularity of online shopping grows year on year, although there's no way of knowing the amount of traffic your site will see. Planning for the worst-case scenario is always the safest option when preparing for black Friday and cyber Monday.

  • Ensure you have enough stock
  • Check with hosts to make sure they can handle high volumes of traffic 

Marketing & Promotions for BFCM

This seems like an obvious one but it doesn’t cause harm to double check.

  • Check all ad copy, make sure all details are correct and up-to-date 
  • Be creative, make sure your content stands out 
  • Be original, BFCM is a competitive few days 
  • Check over an social content and make sure they link to the correct places 

 Test & Optimise 

It’s probably too late to make any changes to testing and optimisation but make sure to have a look over these things before the big day.

  • Tracking pixels for social media and advertising 
  • Double-check your store on mobile and desktop devices 
  • Make sure all pages on your site load quickly and correctly without page errors

Level Up Customer Support

BFCM will see more demand for customer support, we’re sure you’re already on top of it but here are some tips to make it less stressful for your customer support team.

  • Check LiveChat configuration 
  • Check copy on pre prepared responses, generic responses are effective if they’re related to the customers query 
  • If you offer free returns, make sure this is visible on your website to ensure customers know refrain from asking customer support 

Be Memorable 

After being in and out of lockdown restrictions for the last few years, it’s hard to tell how busy online traffic will be. Despite this, it’s essential you make your store memorable, the competition at this time of year is high and retaining shoppers is invaluable.

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