Rainy City Host Customer Retention eCommerce Event in Manchester

Rainy City Host Customer Retention eCommerce Event in Manchester

Rainy City Agency hosted their latest eCommerce event with help from sponsors Rebuy, Rewind and Sendcloud. The evening consisted of two panels which brought attendees expert insights from top brands South Beach and Olivias as well as Shopify Plus themselves and the tech sponsors.

Brand Panel

Rebecca, founder of Rainy City, was joined by Emma - Marketing and eCommerce Manager at South Beach, Ross - Managing Director at Olivias and Carlotta - Partnerships Manager at Shopify Plus. 

Here are some highlights from the panel discussion:

  • “Choose the right influencers for your brand”. Emma explained how South Beach put a lot of thought into which influencers they work with. Working on a long term partnership is important to the authenticity of the paid advertisement. South Beach has built relationships with influencers who genuinely like the products and sometimes post them on platforms like Instagram on their own accord.
  • “Improving customer loyalty can save you money”. Carlotta spoke on Shopify Plus’ Commerce Trends Report 2023 which found that investing in current customers is gaining more popularity than investing in acquiring new customers.
  • “Utilise marketing tools to push customers over the line to purchase”. Ross spoke about how selling high ticket items can be harder to convert due to the thought process behind the purchase and the lack of impulse. Using marketing strategies such as emails and sms can help in the buying process.

Tech Panel 

Rebecca returned to hosting for the second panel alongside event sponsor representatives Valeria, Sunny and Rehab.

  • “Be proactive not reactive with protecting your data”. Sunny from Rewind gave some great analogies when it came to backing up your store data which gave some food for thought to attendees. He likened backing up your data to having insurance, many people don’t think they need it… until they do. Long story short, if you back your store data up in the first place, you don’t have to learn why it’s helpful the hard way. 
  • “Use automation in your shipping strategy”. Rehab explained the benefits of automating the shipping process which included saving time, managing returns, marketplace integration and real-time tracking.
  • “Use personalisation to increase conversions”. Valeria suggested using personalised product recommendations to make the customer feel like they come first. 49% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases after having a personalised shopping experience. 

Supporting Smart Works

The evening ended with a charity raffle to support Smart Works, a UK based charity who help get women into employment who may be struggling. Rainy City and sponsors donated some amazing prizes such as free design and development work as well as audits and strategy sessions.

The raffle raised £113 for Smart Works.

Missed Out?

Rainy City will be back with their next event in London on May 17th, grab your free tickets here.

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