Top 5 Apps to Install on your Shopify Store

Top 5 Apps to Install on your Shopify Store

Shopify makes it incredibly easy to get set up to sell online right out of the box. But, did you know that there are hundreds of Shopify apps that you can use to help you grow your eCommerce store?

It can be hard to find the right apps for your business and to increase sales. As a Shopify design and development agency that has successfully launched hundreds of eCommerce websites, we know what works and what the best apps are to achieve the results you want.

Here are the top 5 apps to install on your Shopify store:

Privy – Email Capture Popups for Shopify

Privy is a great app that helps reduce your cart abandonment and grow your email list. A really good feature that we like to implement on client Shopify stores is an exit popup when visitors move their cursor out of the window – most likely when they’re about to click back or exit – a fully customisable popup will appear offering a discount code when they subscribe to your email list.

Recharge – Recurring Billing and Subscriptions for Shopify

Consumers are always looking for more convenient ways of getting their products. Subscriptions offer customers the convenience of knowing what they will be paying for a product of a regular basis and have the peace of mind that they will get their product when they need it.

For merchants, Recharge is one of the best ways to retain customers whilst guaranteeing a regular stream of income for your store.

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Yotpo – Reviews for Shopify

The Yotpo app allows merchants to display customer content at key conversion points across your store. Showing reviews at key conversion points adds a level of social proof, trust and security for customers who may be a little apprehensive to buy at a key point of conversion. 

The review widget is customisable, allowing business owners to show off customer reviews whilst keeping their store looking fresh and on-brand.

Shopify Expert Tip:

As experts, we always like to go that bit further. Watch the video below for a great tip on how to increase conversions on your Shopify store and improve your marketing copy.

Loyalty & Referrals by Yotpo 

We all like to be rewarded from time to time right? Discount codes, samples or maybe even a freebie. Loyalty & Referral by Yotpo is one of the best apps to reward customer loyalty in a simple and effective way.

Superfields – Unique Long-Form Product Pages

Your product page is where most of the action will happen in your Shopify store. A visitor has scoured your website, checked out your product range and has landed on your product page. NOW is the time to sell. We use Superfields to develop unique, long-form product pages that will stand out and provide visitors with enough information to make an informed decision and ultimately buy your product.

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