Increase E-commerce Conversions after the Holiday Season

Increase E-commerce Conversions after the Holiday Season

The decorations are coming down, you’re changing your site banners but you’ve had an amazing holiday season! The New Year is here now, it’s time to get back to driving sales in your Shopify store.

It’s perfectly normal for sales to drop off after Christmas, but you may find consumers still shopping around for deals, especially on boxing day and Blue Monday.

But there are a few strategies that you can implement into your Shopify store to help increase sales in the post-holiday slump.

Here’s how to Increase E-commerce Conversions after the Holiday Season:

Post-Holiday Season Discounts/Clearance Sales

The clearance sale is an efficient post-holiday promotion. The holidays are a great time to stock up on inventory to fulfil your customers’ increased demand.

After the holiday season is over, you may find yourself with more inventory than you require. Clearance sales enable brands to swiftly recoup the costs of excess inventory.

Slashing prices will attract more visitors, as many people wait until after the holidays to make large purchases. You’ll be able to make a profit as long as your sale price is higher than your overall unit price. The increasing sales volume may benefit your firm in unexpected ways since it will bring in even more customers.

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Prepare for Returns

If you read our article on Seasonal eCommerce Strategies to increase sales in 2021 then you should’ve made your returns and exchange policy clear before customers purchased.

BUT, that’s not to say you won’t get any returns at all. It’s always a good idea to have a straightforward returns policy in place. This makes it easier for you as a brand to handle any returns and for customers to potentially exchange for different sizes or products.

Be transparent with post-Christmas delivery delays

Deliveries always pick up in the lead up to the holiday season. Even for some time after there can be delays in deliveries such as staff returning from holidays and delivery services playing catch up with volumes.

After the holiday season, it’s always worth considering putting a notice on your Shopify store to let visitors know that there may be delays.

Retarget Customers

Throughout the holiday season you’ve been paying for ads, traffic to your site has drastically increased but now you’re experiencing the post-holiday low.

A retargeting campaign is great for getting visitors back to your site to check out products they may have added to their basket. This works even better if you’re running a post-holiday sale and potential customers see products that they’re interested in on a better offer.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still VERY relevant, now more so than ever. Consumers love getting offers straight to their inbox, in addition to retargeting campaigns, organic social posts, your email marketing efforts could be the final point of contact before a conversion.

You have the opportunity to keep sales continuing in the months following the holiday season because of the surge of customers that may have signed up for your newsletter throughout the holiday season.

For brands on Shopify, we highly recommend having a rewards program set up as this is one of the best ways to collect customer emails.

After the holidays, pushing your fresh, new-year mindset can be a terrific way to boost those post-holiday sales.

Start planning 2022

New year, new plans? Well another year is behind us and it’s time to start planning for 2022 for your e-commerce brand.

This means evaluating all of your marketing and seeing where you can improve for the New Year, also if any processes need to change to make your business run more smoothly.

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