How to Write a Product Page That Converts

How to Write a Product Page That Converts

A high converting product page is one of the crucial parts of any e-commerce brand. When you’ve established what works for your customers, it becomes a lot easier for your marketing channels and will bring down the cost of converting new customers.

Think of your product pages as shelves in a shop, people can move around, check out different products and read why consumers should buy your products.

As Shopify Experts, we know what it takes to convert your customers. We’re trusted by over 290+ brands and have a 4.9* average review rating and have worked with brands on Shopify in different niches. Read on to find out how you can convert more visitors from your product pages.

Here’s how you can write a product page that converts:

Use high-quality images to increase conversions

One of the best ways to increase conversions on your product pages is by using high-quality images.

It may seem quite obvious, but more often than not merchants fail to show off the elements of their products that their visitors want to see.

Great product photography can help build trust with customers, create a long-lasting first impression, set you apart from your competitors and so much more.

Product page photography tips to increase conversions:

  • Use high-quality images
  • Show off unique features
  • Use GIFs to show your product working

Adding reviews to your product pages

Reviews are so important to have on your Shopify store, especially on your product pages.

Reviews let potential customers know how they found your product and offers a great amount of social proof. This means regularly inviting your customers to leave reviews on their recent purchases, that way visitors know that you’re actively connecting with your customers.

Responding to your reviews is another great way to show any visitors that you’re an active merchant and that you truly care about your customers.

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Guarantee You’re Using The Right Messaging

There’s no better way to connect with your customers than using the language they use.

Touching back on adding reviews to your product pages, once you’ve built up those reviews, it’s time to start getting a bit more technical with your product pages.

Depending on your review app you should be able to export your reviews. We recommend getting at least 100+ reviews so the data is solid and then exporting all your reviews into a CSV.

Next, head over to or similar and paste in the review titles and body text and look at the top ten most frequently used words or phrases.

This is the exact language our target audience speaks and we can use this across our Shopify product page copy, email marketing, advertising campaigns and even on the phone!

Subconsciously, people will instantly connect with your brand and will find it very easy to understand what your products are offering and how they can help them.

This is How to Guarantee You're Using the Right Messaging.

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