Checkout Extensibility: Customise Your Checkout on Shopify Plus

Checkout Extensibility: Customise Your Checkout on Shopify Plus

Here’s everything you need to know about using Checkout Extensibility for your Shopify Plus store:

What is Checkout Extensibility?

Checkout extensibility makes it easier for Shopify Plus merchants to customise their checkout in a way that’s app-based, upgrade-safe, higher-converting, and integrated with Shop Pay. 

It includes platform features that give brands the ability to make code-free customisations to their checkout using apps. It also gives them the flexibility to build the exact experience they want by developing custom apps for bespoke customisations using a collection of components and APIs.

How can Shopify merchants use Checkout Extensibility

As of August 13, 2024, the Information, Shipping, and Payment pages on Shopify's Checkout.liquid will no longer be available. However, Shopify Plus users can leverage checkout extensibility to tailor these pages to their needs. If you have already customised any of these pages in your checkout, make sure to transition to checkout extensibility beforehand.

Shopify Plus admins can install your app and configure it directly in the new checkout editor

For admins, this app-based model means they can quickly customise their checkout without ever needing to touch a line of code. 

Leverage custom fields to collect additional information

To ensure an order can be properly fulfilled, personalise the customer’s experience, or satisfy a business compliance rule, you need to collect additional information at checkout. 

Many brands leverage custom inputs to collect important information from buyers. For example, they might collect: 

  • Delivery instructions
  • Requests for non-contact deliveries 
  • Special care instructions 
  • Requests for sustainable packaging 
  • Gift messages to add a personal touch for the order recipient
  • Collect voluntary information on a buyer’s preferences to personalise marketing
  • Adding membership or ID numbers

Use product upsell offers to increase average order value

The ability to add upsell offers within the checkout is the most popular checkout customisation for Shopify Plus merchants. You can leverage checkout upsell messages to help increase AOV and to cross-sell relevant items in a collection.

Checkout upsells are now even more powerful by allowing you to access the Storefront API. You’ll now be able to suggest the most relevant items to customers based on the existing product or collection tags from the items in the cart.

Unique brand and shopping experiences

Following the opening of brick and mortar stores after the pandemic, physical retail grew faster than eCommerce. To compete with physical stores, it’s important for brands to provide a unique online shopping experience for each customer.

With checkout extensibility you can:

  • Use metafields to identify and display promotions to your most loyal customers
  • Leverage Storefront API to pull relevant results and personalise free gift offers 
  • Use multiple checkout UI components to compose one-of-a-kind experiences unique to your brand.

Custom banner messages

Custom banner messages allow you to include important information for customers on the checkout page, meaning there are no surprises as they move through the buying process.

By leveraging checkout UI Extensions, you can quickly build multiple versions of custom banners within the checkout. You can also choose a specific location in checkout for the banner to show.

Display payment and shipping methods with payment and delivery customisations

There are many tactics that can help reduce cart abandonment, one of the most successful strategies is to customise the checkout experience to highlight the highest-converting payment options to your customers. 

With Shopify Functions, brands can appeal to their target audience by displaying unique shipping options that meet a specific set of criteria.

When it comes to payment customisations, you can hide, reorder, and present custom payment options to your customers based on a number of factors.

There are a number of ways that brands can leverage checkout UI extensions and Shopify Functions to customise the checkout experience.

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