BFCM21: FREE UX/UI Shopify Audit

BFCM21: FREE UX/UI Shopify Audit

Claim your UX/UI Audit from Rainy City Agency now and get ready to increase conversions this holiday season.

We’ve been working hard with our clients to get them ready for the holiday season. Whilst it may seem quite a while away, it’s just around the corner and will soon be here. The earlier you start your seasonal planning the better, it gives you a massive edge over your competition and allows you to take advantage of data closer to the holiday season.

Is your Shopify store ready for BFCM21?

The busiest sale date in the e-commerce calendar is upon us! You’ve been through BFCM20’s data and you’re wondering, how’re you going to top that?

That’s where we come in.

You might not be aiming for a full store rebuild just yet, and to be honest, this close to the holiday season definitely isn’t the best time. BUT there are so many ways that you can optimise your Shopify store and get your site ready for the holidays.

Your FREE Shopify UX/UI audit

We build bespoke eCommerce stores on Shopify & Shopify+ with years of high-level experience and we are of course Shopify Experts.

Every client we work with starts with a UX/UI audit, providing merchants with the right information and guidance on how they can scale their Shopify store and ultimately increase sales.

We are trusted by brands worldwide, read our reviews below and we put communication at the forefront of everything we do and it is what our clients mention most in their reviews.

There’s an extremely good chance we have helped an eCommerce brand similar to yours grow faster with Shopify design and development work. 

If that sounds good scroll past our testimonials below and book a call at the bottom of this page.
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