Adding Your TikTok Ads Pixel to your Shopify Store

Adding Your TikTok Ads Pixel to your Shopify Store

Shopify has partnered with TikTok to add a host of tools that will help you take social commerce to the next level with your brand.

With the recent introduction of organic product discovery and shopping tabs on TikTok, brands have been able to build deeper relationships with their followers. Like with most organic social media. it can be quite slow at times to increase conversions as and when you need them.

For Shopify merchants wanting more results and conversions through TikTok, ads are a great way to push up those conversions.

Installing the TikTok Channel on your Shopify Store

Step 1: Adding the Official TikTok App to your Shopify Store

Search the Shopify App Store for TikTok, then select the official TikTok by TikTok Inc. App.


Step 2 – Install TikTok App

Tap the add app button.

where you tap the add app button

Step 3 – Connect your Tiktok for Business Account

where you connect your tik tok business account

Step 4 – Connect your Ad Account

Step 5 – Create Pixel

By choosing the Create Pixel button, you may either create a new pixel or connect to an existing pixel.

Step 6 – Ensure Pixel is firing in TikTok Ads

Log in to your TikTok Business Account and navigate to events by hovering over assets. Find the pixel you created in Shopify and you’re all ready to start.

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