A $40,901 Shopify day: BFCM week 2019

A $40,901 Shopify day: BFCM week 2019

A $40,901 Shopify day with a 5.95% conversion rate to kick off BFCM week 2019. This was the Saturday before Black Friday. The core things we implemented in this store to ensure they got off to a strong start were:

  • No coupon code required. Make it easy for people to claim the offer hands free and not have to jump through any hoops which could hurt conversions.
  • Edit the site banner to reflect this and check on desktop and mobile. This makes it easy for people to understand the offer and act fast on it.
  • Change product copy to make it clear the offer is live and that any previous offers won’t be confused with the BFCM offer.
  • Changed the @privvy email popup copy to mention that there is 20% off store wide with no coupon required while still giving people the option to enter their email and receive @klaviyo sequences.
  • Pre-plan @klaviyo email sequences and be sure to re-send to unopens.
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