Reduce Cart Abandonment in Your Shopify Store 2021

Reduce Cart Abandonment in Your Shopify Store 2021

Use these 5 tips to reduce cart abandonment rate in your Shopify store:

Whilst certain cart abandonment triggers, such as an emergency phone call, are inevitable, the abandonment rate is frequently linked to a kink in the shopping experience, eventually preventing the checkout process.

As a merchant, there’s no worse feeling than pushing a load of traffic to your site and hinting towards a hero product or category, only to find your cart abandonment rate being pushed up. It may have been increasing over time and you hadn’t noticed until now.

It may seem easier for you to just run ads retargeting, but we recommend you do a bit of digging and get to the route cause of why your cart abandonment is increasing.

1. Simplify Your Checkout Process To Avoid Cart Abandonment

The first thing you should be focused on when reducing your cart abandonment rate is simplifying your checkout process. This may seem like an overly simplistic suggestion, but you’d be surprised how complex your checkout process appears to the end-user.

Your eCommerce store should be a gentle hand on the backs of your customers. Guiding them through to your product pages is what you need to be aiming for.

Your product pages don’t need to be overly complicated, most potential customers have already done the research phase and are simply looking for reassurance on where to buy.

Your product page should include:

  • Product Images
  • Price
  • Description
  • Purchase Button
  • Checkout Page

Test your checkout process

It’s hard to be overly critical of your own eCommerce store, it’s understandable. You’ve built it from the ground up to what it is today.

If you’re not currently working with an agency that can push you in the right direction, we’d recommend having people test out your store and have them complete a survey once completing the checkout process.

Having a test phase is one of the best ways to know how potential customers are going to interact with your site.

TIP: Buyer journeys are always evolving, we recommend using heatmapping on your store to see how your customers are using your store over time. The earlier the better.

Make Your CTA Buttons Clear

This may seem like the most simple change, but it can often be the most effective. Your visitors have done the research, they’ve seen your ad or content, been through your store and how they’re on your product page ready to checkout.

After all that effort, you may as well put a big sign up to let them know where to go now, right?

Your buttons should be displayed in a way that motivates your customers whilst creating a sense of urgency. There are many different CTA buttons that you may be running so we’ve put a guide together.

READ: Best Call to Action Buttons for eCommerce Stores

2. Incentivise New Customer Accounts in your Shopify Store

We all love a guest checkout option to save a bit of time (keep this in place!) But now, more so than ever the customer has changed. If anything they’re now supporters.

Customers love being involved with a brand, its values and what that brand means to people. This is the perfect recipe to entice visitors to create an account with special offers, coupon codes and membership benefits. Make it known to them that yes, they can save time using your guest checkout option, but on the other hand they can spare a little bit more time to save money and time on their next purchase.

There are several reasons why this is highly recommended. First of all, you’ll have their email, one of the best sales channels you could possibly have. Via email, you can build a strong relationship with your customers and make them feel a part of your tribe.

3. Who’s Abandoning Carts?

Finding out what customers are abandoning carts and communicating with them is a highly recommended way of picking up lost conversions. For this, you can view cart information through the Abandoned Checkout feature on Shopify. When doing this, it’s best to go down the personal route, address them by name.

The negate getting this stage completely, we strongly suggest using exit-intent popups for when visitors show intent to leave your store. Adding an exit-intent popup can greatly reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions, especially when you offer a discount to complete the purchase.

4. Free or Reduced Shipping Costs

By now we’ve definitely all seen the memes. Offering options such as free or reduce shipping costs can greatly reduce your cart abandonment rate.

If you want to step it up a gear you could offer tiered discounts such as offering free shipping once a visitor reaches a certain price threshold.

5. More Ways to Pay

Depending on your customers, there are a number of different payment options you can choose from. Certain demographics tend to check out with different payment options, for example, younger customers may opt to use buy now pay later services like Klarna, especially on big purchases.

For some shoppers, the payment option is a big thing, not choosing the right payment options for your customers can often lead to them abandoning their carts.

Make sure your Shopify store is offering these payment options as a minimum:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Paypal
  • BNPL

With these 5 Tips to Reduce Cart Abandonment, you should be well on your way to picking up lost conversions.

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