2024 eCommerce Holiday Calendar & Resource

2024 eCommerce Holiday Calendar & Resource

Staying on top of key holidays in the eCommerce calendar is crucial for any brands on Shopify looking to connect with customers and increase conversions. 

The Rainy City eCommerce holiday calendar will help you prepare for any national days, weeks, and months that may be relevant to your industry and to get your content and holiday sales ready, ahead of schedule. 

Feel free to download a copy of this content planner and add your own key dates!

Now, let’s explore key holidays to keep in mind for brands on Shopify in 2024:


January 2024 

The start of a new year is a great opportunity to connect with your customers and help them start fresh. Consider creating content that focuses on goal-setting, self-improvement, and new beginnings.

1st - 31st January: Veganuary

1st - 31st January: Dry January

1st January -  New Year’s Day

2nd January - World Introvert Day

4th January - National Trivia Day

6th January - National Technology Day

8th January - National Clean Off Your Desk Day

13th January - National Vision Board Day

14th January - World Logic Day

15th January - Martin Luther King Jr. Day + Blue Monday

19th January - Confederate Heroes’ Day + Get To Know Your Customers Day

20th January - National Cheese Lover’s Day

21st January - World Religion Day + National Hugging Day

22nd January - Celebration of Life Day

23rd January - National Handwriting Day + National Pie Day

24th January - National Compliment Day

26th January - National Fun at Work Day

28th January - Data Privacy Day

29th January - National Puzzle Day

31st January - National Hot Chocolate Day


February 2024

Valentine’s Day is a major holiday for eCommerce brands, particularly those in the gift, fashion, and beauty industries. Consider running a Valentine’s Day sale or promoting gift ideas. 

1st - 20th February: Random Acts of Kindness Week

2nd Febraury - Groundhog Day

4th February - World Cancer Day + Super Bowl

6th February - Safer Internet day

9th February - National Pizza Day

10th February - Chinese New Year

11th February - International Day of Women & Girls in Science

13th Febraury - Galantine’s Day + World Radio Day

14th February - Valentine’s Day

17th February - Random Acts of Kindness Day

19th February - Presidents’ Day

20th February - National Love Your Pet Day

21st February - Pancake Day

22nd February - World Thinking Day


March 2024

Spring is just around the corner, and people are starting to look forward to warmer weather. Take advantage of your customers' high morale.

1st - 31st March: Women’s History Month

1st March – Saint David’s Day + World Candle Day

3rd March – World Hearing Day

4th March – National Grammar Day

6th March – National Dentists Day

7th March – World Book Day

8th March – Employee Appreciation Day + International Women’s Day

10th March – Mother’s Day

11th March – National Napping Day

14th March – World Kidney Day

15th March – World Red Nose Day (Comic Relief)

20th March – International Day of Happiness

21st March – World Down Syndrome Day

23rd March – National Puppy Day

29th March – Good Friday

31st March – International Transgender Day of Visibility + Easter Sunday


April 2024

April is a busy month for holidays, from Easter to Earth Day and everything in between. Consider running a promotion or creating content that focuses on Easter traditions, such as egg decorating, or Easter recipes. 

1st April – April Fool’s Day + Easter Monday

2nd April – Autism Awareness Day

3rd April – National Walking Day

5th April – Good Friday

7th April – World Health Day

9th April – Last Day of Ramadan

10th April – Eid + National Siblings Day

11th April – National Pet Day

15th April – Passover Begins + World Art Day

18th April – Get To Know Your Customers Day

22nd April – Earth Day

23rd April – English Language Day

25th April – World Penguin Day

28th April – World Day for Safety & Health at Work

29th April – International Dance Day

30th April – National Honesty Day


May 2024 

With warmer and longer days, people are feeling more upbeat. Make the most of the good morale. It’s also the month of Mother’s Day, so don’t forget to celebrate the wonderful mothers in your lives. 

​​1st – 31st May: National Photography Month

1st – 31st May: National Bike Month

2nd May – World Password Day

5th May – African World Heritage Day

7th May – National Teacher Day

8th May – World Red Cross Day

12th May – International Nurses Day

13th May – World Cocktail Day

16th May – International Day of Light

18th May – International Museum Day

19th May – World Baking Day

20th May – World Bee Day

21st May – International Tea Day

27th May – Memorial day + Spring Bank Holiday

30th May - National Creativity Day


June 2024

Father’s Day is another major holiday you don’t want to forget - unless you’re prepared to deal with a potentially grumpy dad. 

1st – 30th June: Pride Month 

1st June – Dinosaur Day + National Donut Day

5th June – World Environment Day

7th June – National Donut Day

8th June – World Oceans Day + National Best Friends Day

10th June – National Herbs & Spices Day

12th June - National Loving Day

15th June – Nature Photography Day

16th June – Father’s Day

18th June – International Sushi Day

20th June – World Refugee Day

21st June – International Yoga Day + National Take Your Dog To Work Day + National Selfie

22nd June – World Rainforest Day + National Kissing Day

27th June – National Handshake Day

30th June – Social Media Day


July 2024 

We’re over halfway through the year, so now is the perfect time to take a step back and evaluate your business. Use this month to analyse your sales data and plan ahead for the rest of the year. 

1st – 31st July:  National Ice Cream Month

1st - 31st July: national Picnic Month 

1st July – International Joke Day

2nd July – National I Forgot Day

4th July – Independence Day

7th July – World Chocolate Day

8th July – National Video Game Day

10 July – National Kitten Day

18th July – Get To Know Your Customers Day

21st July – National Junk Food Day

26th July – National All or Nothing Day

30th July – International Day of Friendship


August 2024

 With a number of holidays to choose from, August is a great time to offer promotions and discounts. Consider offering back-to-school deals or end-of-summer sales. 

1st – 31st August: Happiness Happens Month

1st August – National Girlfriend Day

2nd August – International Beer Day

8th August – International Cat Day

9th August – National Book Lovers Day

12th August – World Elephant Day

15th August – National Relaxation Day

16th August – National Roller Coaster Day

17th August – National Thrift Shop Day

18th August – National Fajita Day

19th August – World Photography Day

22nd August – World Plant Milk Day

28th August – Summer Bank Holiday

30th August – National Beach Day


September 2024

As summer comes to an end and kids are back at school, why not offer a promotion to keep the high spirits for a little longer?

1st – 30th September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

1st – 30th September: World Alzheimer’s Month

2nd September – Labour Day

4th September – Back to School

5th September – International Day of Charity

6th September - National Read a Book Day

10th September – World Suicide Prevention Day

13th September – Roald Dahl Story Day

19th September - Youth Mental Health Day

21st September – International Day of Peace + World Alzheimer’s Day

27th September – World Tourism Day + World’s Biggest Coffee Morning (by MacMillan)

28th September – Ask a Stupid Question Day

29th September – World Heart Day

30th September – International Podcast Day


October 2024

With the arrival of fall, people are getting in the mood for cozy nights in and warm drinks. 

1st – 31st October: Black History Month

1st – 31st October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

1st – 31st October:  Stobtober

1st October – International Coffee Day + World Vegetarian Day

2nd October – Random Acts of Poetry Day

3rd October– Mean Girls Day

5th October – World Teachers Day

10th October – World Mental Health Day

13th October – National Train Your Brain Day

16th October – World Food Day

18th October – Get To Know Your Customers Day

25th October – World Pasta Day

29th October – National Internet Day

31st October – Halloween + National Magic Day


November 2024

November is a busy month for holidays, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday being the biggest shopping days of the year. Be sure to plan ahead and offer promotions or discounts to capitalise on these events. 

1st – 30th November: Movember

1st – 30th November: World Vegan Month 

1st November – World Vegan Day + Diwali + National Stress Awareness Day

2nd November – National Sandwich Day

4th November – National Candy Day

5th November – Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night)

11th November – Remembrance Day + Veterans Day

13th November – World Kindness Day

14th November – World Diabetes Day

15th November – National Recycling Day

19th November – International Men’s Day

28th November – Thanksgiving Day + National Day of Giving

29th November – Black Friday


December 2024 

Most people have probably finished their holiday shopping by November, though last-minute shoppers are always inevitable. Consider offering gift guides or promotions for last-minute buyers. 

1st December – World AIDS Day

2nd December – Cyber Monday

3rd December – International Day of Persons with Diabetes

5th December – International Volunteer Day

7th December – Small Business Saturday

8th December – National Brownie Day

9th December – Green Monday

10th December – Human Rights Day

24th December – Christmas Eve

25th December – Christmas Day

26th December – Boxing Day

31st December – New Year’s Eve


We hope this planner helps you in planning your eCommerce content for 2024! Remember that this is only a guide, and it's important to research the specific dates relevant to your industry in order to create the most relevant content for your audience. Good luck!

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