2022 eCommerce Holiday Calendar

2022 eCommerce Holiday Calendar

With 2021 nearly over, This is your complete 2022 eCommerce holiday calendar. If you run an eCommerce brand, you know it’s very important to have a promotional calendar for the year.

Key dates in the calendar can give you as a brand, a chance to connect with your customers. Consumers know these dates are coming up and expect deals.

Not every holiday will be made for your brand, but it’s very likely that you have a few that without fail, every year you’re able to capitalize on and create a great holiday experience for your customers.

Here’s the 2022 eCommerce Holiday Calendar:

January 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

It’s a New Year, a fresh start for many. A fresh start can come in a number of different forms. Some consumers might be embarking on a new Veganuary journey, maybe Dry January, or they might just be taking the New Year as a chance to shift the Christmas food.

Whatever it is, we’re certain your brand has a way to help consumers achieve their goals in the New Year.

2022 eCommerce dates January:

  • 1st January – New Year’s Day
  • 1st – 31st January – Dry January
  • 1st – 31st January – Ginuary
  • 1st – 31st January – Veganuary
  • 6th January – National Shortbread Day
  • 17th January – Blue Monday
  • 25th January – Burns Night
  • 26th January – Australia Day
  • 27th January – Chocolate Cake Day

February 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

February is where the New Year starts to fade and the creativity kicks in. February is full of amazing treats like Yorkshire pudding day (here in the UK of course), Pizza day and so much more.

2022 eCommerce dates February:

  • 1st February – Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger)
  • 1st – 28th February – LGBT History Month
  • 4th February – World Cancer Day
  • 5th February – World Nutella Day
  • 6th February – Yorkshire Pudding Day
  • 9th February – National Pizza Day
  • 14th February – Valentine’s Day
  • 17th February – Random Act of Kindness Day
  • 20th February – Love Your Pet Day

March 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

It’s getting hot in here! Popcorn lovers day is just around the corner, we can almost smell it!

March is a great month in the eCommerce calendar, world book day, International Women’s Day and St Patrick’s Day! Just to mention a few.

2022 eCommerce dates March:

  • 1st March – Shrove Tuesday
  • 1st  March – St David’s Day
  • 1st March – Pancake Day
  • 2nd March – Ash Wednesday
  • 3rd March – World Book Day
  • 8th March – International Women’s Day
  • 10th March – Popcorn Lovers Day
  • 13th March – BAFTA’s
  • 17th March – St Patrick’s Day
  • 20th March – First Day of Spring
  • 25th March – International Waffle Day
  • 27th March – Mother’s Day
  • 27th March – BST starts

April 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

Easter gifts and silly jokes. April never fails to brighten up the year!

2022 eCommerce dates April:

  • 1st  April – April Fool’s Day
  • 3rd April – Ramadan Start
  • 10th April – Siblings Day
  • 11th April – National Pet Day
  • 15th April – Good Friday
  • 17th April – Easter Sunday
  • 18th April – Easter Monday
  • 19th April – Bicycle Day
  • 21st April – National Tea Day
  • 22nd April – Earth Day
  • 23rd April – St George’s Day

May 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

We’ve weathered the storm of winter, now it’s time to dig out the t-shirts and put those big bulky coats away.

2022 eCommerce dates May:

  • 1st May – End of Ramadan
  • 1st May – Labour Day (UK)
  • 2nd May – Early May Bank Holiday
  • 4th May – Star Wars Day
  • 11th May – National Eat What You Want Day
  • 13th May – World Cocktail Day
  • 16th May – International Day of Light
  • 17th May – World Baking Day
  • 20th May – World Bee Day
  • 29th May – National Biscuit Day
  • 31st May – Spring Bank Holiday

June 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

June is a very busy month in the eCommerce holiday calendar. This is the true beginning of summer, time for your marketing team to get heated up and create some memorable campaigns.

2022 eCommerce dates June:

  • 1st June – Global Day of Parents
  • 1st June – 30th – Pride Month
  • 2nd June – Spring Bank Holiday
  • 3rd June – Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday
  • 11th June – World Gin Day
  • 15th June – National Beer Day (UK)
  • 19th June – Father’s Day
  • 21st June – International Day of Yoga
  • 21st June – Summer Solstice
  • 21st June – Beginning of Summer
  • 22nd – 26th June – Glastonbury Festival
  • 25th June – Midsummer’s Day
  • 27th June – Wimbledon Starts (ends 10th July)

July 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

We like to think of July as a bit of a step back month. Checking your business over, reviewing your plans from the start of the year and starting to stock up for the back to school rush

2022 eCommerce dates July:

  • 4th July – American Independence Day
  • 7th July – World Chocolate Day
  • 17th July – World Emoji Day
  • 25th July – School Holidays (differs per school)
  • 26th July – Back to School (ends early September)
  • 30th July – Islamic New Year
  • 30th July – International Day of Friendship
  • 31st July – National Avocado Day

August 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

There are various different eCommerce holidays that you can take advantage of throughout August. As we said at the start, not every holiday is going to suit your brand, don’t force it. Just use a holiday that fits your brand and use it to its full potential.

2022 eCommerce dates August:

  • 1st August – Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)
  • 5th August – International Beer Day
  • 8th August – International Cat Day
  • 9th August – Book Lovers Day
  • 19th August – World Photography Day
  • 25th August – National Burger Day
  • 26th August – National Dog Day
  • 29th August – Summer Bank Holiday

September 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

The holiday madness is over, children are back to school, maybe it’s time to offer some promotions to pick up the post-holiday lul?

2022 eCommerce dates September:

  • 1st September – Autumn Begins
  • 5th September – Back to School (differs per school)
  • 6th September – Labour Day (US)
  • 6th September – Read a Book Day
  • 12th September – National Chocolate Milkshake Day
  • 16th September – World Guacamole Day
  • 27th September – World Tourism Day

October 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

We all love October, don’t we? It’s the real start to the holiday season. Night draws in, the coffee mugs come out and there’s an abundance of pumpkins around. Some might say enough for a pumpkin spice latte.

2022 eCommerce dates October:

  • 1st – 31st October – Black History Month (UK)
  • 1st – 31st October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • 1st – 31st October – Go Sober for October (Stoptober)
  • 1st October – International Coffee Day
  • 1st October – World Vegetarian Day
  • 10th October – World Mental Health Day
  • 16th October – World Food Day
  • 22nd October – National Nut Day
  • 25th October – World Pasta Day
  • 26th October – National Pumpkin Day
  • 29th October – National Cat Day
  • 30th October – BST ends
  • 31st October – Halloween

November 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

November is a magical time, for most… Merchants start to kick things up a gear. The excitement levels are through the roof for the holidays. In the run-up to Black Friday, things can get a bit hectic.

2022 eCommerce dates November:

  • 1st – 30th November – Movember (Men’s Health Awareness Month)
  • 1st November – World Vegan Day
  • 5th November – Guy Fawkes Night
  • 11th November – Remembrance Day
  • 13th November – Remembrance Sunday
  • 25th November – Black Friday
  • 28th – November – Cyber Monday
  • 30th November – St Andrew’s Day

December 2022 – eCommerce holiday dates

December is a bit of a weird month, there’s a mixture of people who’ve already done all of their holiday shopping throughout November, especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Then there’s us… We’ve been working hard with clients throughout November to even have got a chance to check out any Black Friday deals and we’ve left it until the last minute to look for those last-minute gifts.

Make sure that when you’re promoting any sales throughout December, let them know of any lead times and delays to avoid any Christmas day upsets.

2022 eCommerce dates December:

  • 4th December – National Cookie Day
  • 14th December – Christmas Jumper Day
  • 21st December – Winter Solstice
  • 25th December – Christmas Day
  • 26th December – Boxing Day
  • 28th December – Bank Holiday
  • 31st December – New Year’s Eve

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