Manchester Shopify Plus Agency Host BFCM Event

Manchester Shopify Plus Agency Host BFCM Event

Manchester based Shopify Plus Agency- Rainy City hosted their first event and it’s safe to say it was a roaring success!

Rainy City, alongside the event sponsors Gorgias, Sendcloud, and Loyalty Lion put on an evening of free drinks and pizza to the 100+ merchants who made the journey to Manchester.

The event which focused on BFCM gave merchants insight into how they can prepare their stores for the busiest period of the year.

Merchant Panel Insights

The event kicked off with a panel featuring Refy, Ivy Nixon, Cake Agency and Shopify Plus and hosted by Rainy City’s founder Rebecca Worsley.

  • Some advice from Ivy Nixon- it’s not essential to partake in bfcm if it devalues your brand. 
  • Refy says to use social media to show personality- authenticity is key.
  • Cake puts emphasis on standing out from the crowd- it’s easy for your emails and notifications to get lost in the high volume of traffic in a customers inbox during bfcm, make sure yours gets noticed.
  • Shopify recommends using your cart and checkout to upsell products to customers to maximise purchase value.

Tech Panel Insights

The tech panel featured representatives from Gorgias, Sendcloud, and LoyaltyLion who gave some valuable advice on how you can prepare and optimise your brand for bfcm.

  • Automating processes will save time and money. Your team will be able to deal with enquiries quicker and more effectively. 
  • Opt for flexible shipping options- allowing customers to choose when and where they receive their purchase boosts satisfaction rates.
  • Free shipping is valuable, treat loyal customers, especially during the busy season.
  • Requesting feedback is valuable for both merchants and customers, it’s important that you give the opportunity for feedback to be given.

Don’t Miss Out!

If you’ve got FOMO or want to join us at our next event, be sure to follow Rainy City on Eventbrite for more Shopify Events in Manchester.

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