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South Beach

South Beach, a prominent player in the fashion industry, came to Rainy City seeking a complete overhaul of their eCommerce store.

With a vision to elevate its online presence, South Beach aimed to address key issues such as platform migration from Magento to Shopify, security enhancements, and improved user experience.

Leveraging our expertise, we embarked on a collaborative journey to revitalize South Beach’s digital storefront.

Why South Beach Chose Rainy City

Having witnessed the successful outcomes of our previous projects, South Beach chose Rainy City because of our nuanced approach and proven track record for creating beautiful Shopify stores and e-commerce experiences that increase conversions.

With a commitment to delivering results, our agency established a proactive partnership with South Beach to address their challenges.

Project Details:

  • Migration from Magento 2 to Shopify
  • Enhanced security and reduced maintenance overheads
  • Bespoke theme templates with an editable lookbook
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics for stock control and sale
  • Faster load times and improved user journey with a focus on UX

Migration from Magento 2

Recognizing the limitations of Magento, our first step was to migrate South Beach to Shopify Plus. This not only provided them with a wealth of advanced features but also laid the foundation for future growth and scalability.

Security Enhancements & Reduced Maintenance Overheards

With the migration to Shopify, South Beach automatically gained robust security enhancements as part of the platform’s inherent features. In this era where online safety is crucial, Shopify’s built-in measures fortified South Beach’s digital infrastructure, ensuring a secure environment for customers. Simultaneously, the transition to Shopify significantly reduced the overall maintenance overheads for South Beach.

Bespoke Templates and Lookbook Integration

To elevate the visual appeal and functionality of their website, we created bespoke theme templates that included an editable lookbook. This customisation not only aligned with South Beach’s brand identity but allowed them to showcase their range of swimwear and beachwear in a visually engaging manner.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

We also seamlessly integrated Microsoft Dynamics to streamline stock control and sales operations. This integration not only enhanced efficiency but also provided South Beach with real-time insights into their inventory and sales performance.

Improved UX and Faster Load Times

Migrating to Shopify also improved the user experience and load times. Shopify’s platform inherently prioritises user experience through a range of built-in UX enhancement and performance optimisations. As a result, South Beach experienced faster load times, contributing to an improved and efficient online journey for their customers.


The collaborative efforts between Rainy City and South Beach meant:

  • A seamless migration to Shopify Plus.
  • Reduced vulnerability and maintenance costs.
  • A visually stunning website.
  • Streamlined stock control and sales processes.
  • Faster load times and an enhanced user journey.


South Beach’s digital transformation journey stands as a testament to Rainy City’s commitment to excellence. By addressing key issues and aligning our strategies with South Beach’s goals, we’ve not only met but exceeded expectations.

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