Shopify Store Redesign

Our Boat House

10% growth in sales & 25% increase in AOV 

Find out how we helped Our Boat House increase sales and average order value, redesigning their Shopify store and completely transforming their e-commerce shopping experience. 

Why Rainy City

Our Boat House came to Rainy City for a redesign of their Shopify store to improve the user journey and enhance the overall shopping experience. They had seen our previous results and portfolio with luxury goods and home décor brands on Shopify and were keen to develop a proactive partnership with us. 

They had the goal to:

  • Improve the user journey with a focus on UX
  • Allow for more customisation and easier management of the website  
  • Maintain high search engine rankings 
  • Improve upselling ability on the website 
  • Enhance collections and filters to make it easier for customers to find the products they are looking for

Full Shopify Website Redesign 

Our primary focus was to improve the user journey and make the overall shopping experience more enjoyable and easier for their customers. 

We started the project with a full UX audit of their current Shopify store to identify areas for growth. Our Boat House was using the original version of Shopify, which lacks some of the features and flexibility that Shopify 2.0 offers, making it harder for them to create a unique shopping experience for their customers. 

To ensure growth and future scalability, we migrated them to Shopify 2.0 and bespoke theme templates were created which allowed for more customisation of the interface and gave the client more flexibility in managing their website, thus creating a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers. 

SEO and Performance

Our Boat House has a high SEO score and a lot of the traffic to their Shopify store is referred by SEO traffic. During our rebuild and redesign, it was crucial that we were able to maintain and later build upon their SEO. Throughout our redesign process, we worked with our internal SEO team to ensure content was redirected to the correct pages and that no SEO value was lost. 

We were successful in maintaining their SEO scoring while ensuring performance improved, including core web vitals. This helped Our Boat House to maintain their online visibility and attract more organic traffic to their website. 

Upselling and Collection Filters

We also focused on improving the upselling ability of the website by partnering with Rebuy. Leveraging their intelligent AI-driven product recommendations across every stage of the user journey ultimately allowed for more effective upselling and improved AOV by 25% since launch. 

We also worked on improving their collection filters, which significantly enhanced the user experience and made it easier for customers to find the products they were looking for.


With Our Boat House moving to Shopify 2.0 and our redesign, they saw a 10% growth in sales & 25% increase in AOV. New visitors and returning customers found it much easier to shop what they were looking for and the changes we made to the checkout process saw more customers increasing their orders, helping sell more products with reduced marketing spend. 


Our years of experience working with luxury goods and home decor Shopify merchants allowed our team of expert developers to quickly identify where visitors were dropping off, building out a highly effective user flow that would enable product discovery for Our Boat House visitors. Our focus on Shopify UX, SEO and CRO has resulted in some incredible growth for Our Boat House without compromising on design, branding or store performance. 

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