68% increase in overall sales!

Launched in 2017, Cernucci is a London born urban jewellery brand creating jewellery for the future generation.

A progression of high quality materials and unique designs. Inspired by the urban and hip hop culture streaming through London.

Why Rainy City?

Wanting to create a truly bespoke shopping experience that would resonate with their customers and increase sales, Cernucci had seen our previous results and portfolio with luxury good and jewellery brands on Shopify and were keen to develop a proactive partnership with us.

They had the ambition to:

  • Showcase a growing product line
  • Reflect their brand and USPs with an intuitive website
  • Accelerate conversion rates and sales
  • Migration from Magento to Shopify Plus

Shopify Design & Development for Manchester based brand

Cernucci came to Manchester based Shopify design and development agency Rainy City to help grow their website, using our expertise on a monthly Retainer as a growth package.

We started the project with a full UX audit on their current Shopify store to identify areas for growth. Cernucci were using a base theme for their Shopify store, making it hard for them to create a unique shopping experience for their customers.

To ensure growth and future scalability, we designed and developed a bespoke online experience on the front and back end of their Shopify store. Making it much easier for their team to manage going forward and creating an enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

Clean User Flow for Shopify Stores

As we developed a new theme for Cernucci, we were able to totally transform the userflow on the website. Adding new navigation, custom shopping experiences and more calls to action throughout drove customers through different sections of the website, enabling new product discovery.

Best Black Friday Ever Recorded

Rainy City worked closely with Cernucci on their 2022 Black Friday campaign. For their 2022 BFCM campaign, Cernucci had shared holiday brand guidelines with us for the sale. To stay consistent with their marketing to increase the success of the campaign, our UX team developed a holiday shopping experience to remember on their Shopify store.

We implemented an updated theme for the holiday period that matched their marketing channels.

Black Friday was a huge success for Cernucci who saw a 102% increase in sales. Since joining Rainy City, we have dedicated resources to help them grow each month and achieve record sales.

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