UX Design Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

UX Design Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

UX design trends don’t stop according to the calendar, the way we interact with brands and websites has changed massively. Due to evolvements within the technology landscape and how we see and use the internet, brands have had to adapt to keep up with current trends.

Although UX isn’t all just about fancy new techs such as the Metaverse, AI and AR. Recent UX trends have pushed more towards making it easier for customers to shop and interact with brands.

Here are the top UX Design Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022:

Accessibility UX Trend

Not a trend as such, but certainly something all brands should have at the forefront of their minds. As global events have changed our lives in all aspects, they have had a huge impact on e-commerce too. More focus has been turned towards storefronts that suit all user needs.

This means brands have had to adapt and implement features, fonts and theme settings to make it easier for users to shop.

Normalising accessibility is something that brands have done well and more users find it easier to shop for what they want online without barriers that would’ve previously been there.

Another great tech advancement that we’re seeing is the utilisation of voice, not only for accessibility but for convenience. Voice search devices are becoming a bigger part of our lives, Alexa, Siri, Google and more. Stores may have already been indexing aspects of their websites to be found easily through voice search. Including a voice search feature on your Shopify store may not be a bad idea moving forward

With almost 50% of all searches being made via voice, it’s definitely something you should be considering.

Crypto Checkouts for e-commerce

Over the years, cryptocurrencies have been quite a hot topic. Especially in the UX/UI design world, sadly the average consumer hasn’t quite caught on in previous waves.

Now, cryptocurrencies are starting to gain more popularity and integrations with PayPal such as their ‘Checkout with Crypto’ feature for US customers has only increased traction. PayPal’s checkout with crypto allows customers to convert their cryptocurrency into fiat currencies (Euros, Dollars, Pounds) with no additional fees. Anyone that has had any involvement with crypto before this will know that fees can eat into your money/crypto heavily.

For businesses this is huge, your brand is now able to expand into new markets with increased security and lower fees. It’s also very good for your tech credentials and shows that you’re a brand that cares about your customers and adapts to new tech at the convenience of your customers.

Dark Mode Designs

Dark modes have been around for quite some time, those that use Google Chrome they’ll knew about adding a custom dark theme many years ago. In more recent years, Apple launched dark mode in September 2019 as part of its IOS 13 update.

Now, dark mode is starting to creep its way into apps and websites, it has been received very well as most users have their phones set to dark mode permanently. Not only does it look slightly better, but it also reduces the power usage of mobile devices and can help improve visibility for some visually impaired users.


UX copy has been gaining ground over the last few years. With less emphasis on SEO and more on paid advertising and organic growth through influencers and social media, we are able to strip back text to the bare bones, communicating with optimum time efficiency. It’s all about saying more with less!

Intuitive interaction

Incorporating native device features within your web design (especially for a younger audience – Gen Z + Millenial) to smooth and streamline your user experience. Taking from users’ instinctual reaction to certain visual cues means stripping back on navigational and functional elements and letting the user do what feels natural to navigate through stores.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

With the launch of the Metaverse, there’s no denying that VR is quickly rising to the mainstream. How can this be integrated into your stores? Think virtual try ons, online consultations and more immersive design.

AR adds a whole new level to the online buying experience. Product descriptions, images and gifs are great, but they can only take your visitors so far in such a tech-driven world.

Giving visitors the opportunity to try and feel your product is great, but there are so many upsides to having AR in your store. For one it keeps users on your pages for longer (Google loves that), secondly, it gives you an advantage over your competition.

We’re seeing more customers stay loyal to the brands they buy from, AR is another way to increase buyer confidence and engage shoppers with your brand and products.

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