The Top 4 SEO Strategies You Need to Get Found Online

The Top 4 SEO Strategies You Need to Get Found Online

Have you tried posting blogs, engaging with users on social media and paid advertising but still don’t have a significant amount of traffic driven to your website? Feeling lost in the digital abyss of information?

Search engine optimisation is a great way for you to get your brand found. Search Engine Land reports that 51% of website traffic is driven organically through search engines and with companies like Google handling over 3.5 billion searches per day (source:Internet live stats) there is huge opportunity for increased traffic. Frequently users search for services and products which your company offers, it’s just a case of being the best solution.

Although search engines are complicated systems, there are key principles you need to understand to rank more effectively. Search ranking is based on two key factors relevance and authority. How closely does the search intent match your offered solution and how valuable is your content?

Here are the top ways to become the best solution within your market:

1. Increase the amount of backlinks you receive to your website.

Search engines like Google deem sites with a large number of backlinks to have a high domain authority as people are referring to your content and requesting their audience to pay attention to you. Gaining good quality backlinks from trustworthy sites with traffic is a great strategy to boost your authority within search engines.

(Tip: An accurate anchor text description to your content, will result in a higher value attributed to the backlink)

2. Ensure you use keywords which are relevant to the search query.

Search engines need to find a similarity between the query a user submits and a solution offered. For example if a user searches for ‘amazing interior design trends’, a blog post titled ‘The best interior design trends you need to know for 2018’ will tend to rank higher than ‘Best house design ideas’. Understanding and anticipating the type of searches from your target audience is essential for SEO success.

(Tip: Avoid unethical tactics called ‘keyword stuffing’ (overloading content with the exact keywords) search engines now penalise content if it detects unnatural usage of the keywords. Always stay on the cautious side of keyword usage by using alternative descriptive phrases)

3. Optimise images.

Search engines have become incredibly effective at understanding and ranking content but still are unable to view and perceive images. Therefore it is important to correctly label alt text to accurately describe the images. The better the search engine can read your site, the higher your chance of ranking highly.

4. Increase the number of social media shares of your content.

Popularity of content both suggests to search engines that your website is both providing exceptional value and is trusted by an audience. Considering the channels and shareability of your content is key to gaining added exposure.

(Tip: Provide social sharing buttons on your website, email and other social channels)

Tailoring your content to be both relevant and authoritative in your target market is perhaps the best way to improve your SEO results and gain more website traffic from search engines.

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