Shopify Summer Editions 2024: Latest Innovations

Shopify Summer Editions 2024: Latest Innovations

For the past 20 years, Shopify has dedicated itself to becoming the best platform for running a business, continually striving to make commerce better for everyone. Every 6 months, Shopify releases a new Shopify Edition, showcasing a comprehensive product story about the latest launches, updates, and enhancements across the platform. Each Edition is themed to capture a specific moment in the commerce landscape, and this summer’s theme is unification. This Edition is all about unifying key workflows and infrastructure across Shopify to make it faster, more resilient, and more tightly integrated than ever before.

Gain a Marketing Edge

Discover more customers on top ad platforms

Are you looking to cut your customer acquisition costs by up to 50%? With Shopify Audiences, you can target potential customers on leading digital ad platforms. Using custom audience lists generated from powerful algorithms and millions of unique commerce signals exclusive to Shopify, your ads will reach the most interested buyers. Whether you’re new to digital advertising or a seasoned pro, Shopify Audiences gives you a much-needed advantage in a digital ecosystem that is constantly evolving due to new privacy regulations and operating system changes.

Acquire new customers at a controlled cost

With Shop Campaigns, you can reach millions of customers both on and off Shopify. Expand your reach with promotions on external platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The best part? You only pay for conversions at a customer acquisition cost and return on ad spend that you set. This means you can experiment without risk, paying only for new customers who convert through Shop Campaigns.

Build Standout B2B Experiences

Manual payment methods for B2B 

Now, you can offer manual payment methods to your B2B customers at checkout, such as bank transfers, cheques, and international wires. This gives your customers who prefer not to use credit cards the flexibility to place orders online. Orders with manual payments are marked as unpaid until the payment is received and processed.

Visually build Hydrogen stores with Utopia

Headless commerce offers a lot of flexibility for building storefronts, but it often slows down the process. Even minor changes typically require a developer. Shopify is transforming this with the Hydrogen Visual Editor powered by Utopia. This new tool enables your team to create, build, and ship together in a visual environment, while developers maintain control. It allows non-technical team members to perform tasks independently, fostering collaboration and streamlining workflows.

Trade theme

Setting up a B2B store is now easier than ever with the new Trade theme. Designed for wholesale’s repeat and bulk purchasing, this out-of-the-box theme is available to all merchants, with advanced features for Shopify Plus merchants. Enjoy efficient layouts, bulk purchasing functionalities, and a customisable design without the need for coding.

Scale Seamlessly with Managed Markets

Duties inclusive pricing

Selling worldwide is already simplified with Shopify's Managed Markets solution, handling tax filing, duties, and customs documentation. Now, it’s even easier to expand your business and convert more international buyers. Shopify automatically restricts specific products that would be denied at customs, and you can see which products are restricted in which regions and why. Additionally, you can now include duties and import taxes directly in product prices, improving conversion rates by eliminating the sticker shock at checkout.

UPS shipping

Shopify is expanding carrier options to include standard shipping via UPS, offering more choices at checkout. The new auto-editing feature also allows for post-purchase changes to internal orders, with automatic adjustments to duties, taxes, and currencies. 

Endlessly Customise

New Style Settings for themes

Your storefront should reflect your brand identity and adapt as your brand evolves. Shopify’s new Style Settings enable you to fully customise the layout of sections and blocks, allowing for unique designs that are adaptable for different devices. Additionally, Shopify is allowing blocks to be statically rendered, meaning they cannot be reordered or deleted by merchants. This enables theme developers to create more complex layouts, like accordions.

New and improved APIs

You can also enhance your commerce stack with new and updated APIs, including:


Exchange APIs for managing discounts, return shipping, restocking fees, and fulfilment orders.

Discount Functions for POS to boost omnichannel promotional offerings.

Branding API updates for advanced styling such as new colour schemes, positions, and content dividers.

Storefront Cart API to speed customers through checkout by pre-filling delivery address, preferred delivery method, and pickup location.

Customer Account API allowing logged-in customers to update their information.

Ship and FulFil

Shop Pay component

To offer a seamless omnichannel experience, it’s essential to provide customers with more convenience and flexibility in how they receive their orders. With the new pickup in-store feature, you can now enable and configure store transfers, ensuring the products customers want are delivered to their preferred store for pickup. This feature leverages your network of brick and mortar stores and distribution centres to provide more convenient pickup locations.

And for merchants using Shopify POS, the new ship-from-store fulfilment workflow simplifies the process for retail staff to ship orders directly to customers. Powered by Order Routing, this feature allows every brick and mortar location to assist in fulfilling orders, reducing the burden on any single store and ensuring faster delivery to customers.

AI for Commerce 

Media Editor

In the last Edition, Shopify introduced AI image generation within the media editor, enabling merchants to save over 1 million AI-generated images to their storefronts. But Shopify isn’t stopping there. They're expanding their AI image generation capabilities across the platform, including the Shopify Mobile App. This feature allows for professional image edits across all media-access points on the go, enhancing conversion rates.


AI is bringing innovative tools to nearly every aspect of your online business. However, running a business remains challenging and full of obstacles. That’s why Shopify is introducing Sidekick, a resourceful AI assistant designed to provide information, context, and guidance tailored to your business. It can generate customer segments, create marketing campaigns, and streamline your operations, making managing your business easier.

All New Analytics 

To make timely business decisions, you need access to up-to-the-minute data and analytics tailored to what matters most for your business. That's why Shopify has completely rebuilt its analytics platform to be smarter, faster, and more intuitive, providing instant access to your most important performance metrics. Customise your dashboard, explore detailed intersections of your data, and create custom reports with ease, enabling confident business decisions and optimisations.

Unifying Commerce

For the past two decades, Shopify has been on a mission—to become the ultimate platform for businesses worldwide. With each new Shopify Edition, they edge closer to that goal. This summer, under the theme of unification, Shopify has outdone itself. They have released a flurry of innovations aimed at streamlining operations, expanding market reach, and empowering you to grow your business and stay ahead in a dynamic environment.

Explore all the new features and see how they can transform your business on the Shopify Editions Summer 2024 release page.

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