Increase eCommerce Sales: Pre sell landing pages

Increase eCommerce Sales: Pre sell landing pages

Pre-sell landing pages are a great way to increase conversions on your e-commerce store, they’re relatively straightforward and if you get them right can prove to be very successful.

What is a pre-sell landing page?

A pre-sell landing page is a landing page for your visitors to view before they’re shown an actual product or offer.

This would be a page for a product that you would direct the majority of your paid marketing towards. A pre-sell page is essentially a middleman between a paid ad like Google Ads or Facebook Ads and your shopping cart.

Why should you have pre-sell pages?

When consumers click an advertisement for a product, 96% of them still aren’t ready to make a purchase. A good pre-sell page drastically helps increase your odds of making a sale.

And while pre-selling pages are super effective, they aren’t magic. They’re designed to help potential customers understand your product and tempt them towards your call to action.

Here’s how to construct a pre-sell landing page to maximize conversions:

Identify a focus topic related to your product

First, identify what you offer and who you do it for. Create a list of topics related to your product or service.

This will help you put together the focus for your pre-sell page and help you to establish your copy.

TIP: If you access your review app such as Yotpo you can export your comments and import them into a word counter to help you establish what your customers care about most and use that within your marketing copy.

Write an interesting headline

A headline for your pre-sell landing page should focus on a benefit or something inspirational for your audience and resonate with them. 

There are many different ways to title your pre-sell landing pages but benefit-driven or inspirational focussed headlines tend to work best. Try different variations to see what works best.

Offer practical tips for your products

Immediately after your headline, you need to give your visitors five tips to follow that are related to your product. Your tips should be actionable, educational and offer some form of inspiration.

Tips that are actionable tend to work best because they give free advice to your visitors that will benefit them, making them more likely to trust what you have to sell and it will more than likely result in a conversion.

Introduce your product

After your five useful tips, it’s time to introduce your product to the reader. You can do this by introducing some imagery of your customer persona using your product.

Another must is to have an engaging question for your visitors to switch them from thinking about the tips to the action they can take whilst using your product.

To push visitors towards converting it’s worth using some product placement at the end of your product introduction section, your product should relate back to your tips and be linked to your product pages.

Here are the four MUST-HAVE elements that you should be used to introduce your product:

  • Buyer persona image.
  • Leading question.
  • Company value.
  • Product placement.

Social Proof

After introducing your product, you should show social proof of your product in use. A great way to show social proof is by a customer using your product and sharing their experience, if you have any celebrities that use your products that are willing to give an endorsement, even better.

After you’ve introduced your product, you’re going to show social proof that it works. For brands with affiliation with celebrities feel free to name drop within the terms of your collaboration, show social proof of your celebrity using the product, how it’s helped them and changed their life.

Show your visitors your product

After your social proof section, it’s time to show your visitors more about your product, pitch and go for the sale.

Use a headline to explain your product and mention your product’s price. Use a short description to explain in further detail your product specifics and what it’s used for.

Be sure to include hero shots of the different variants in your product line along with an add to cart button on your presell page, when visitors are interested in your products they can add them directly to their cart. This takes the hassle out of navigating to a product page if they’ve already made up their mind.

Tell your brand’s story

Once you’ve introduced your visitors to your product, you should show them the story behind your brand such as a founder’s story and how the product was created as well as common mistakes people make when buying similar products to what your brand offers.

A great way to introduce your brand’s story is with a headshot of the founder behind the brand.

Show a review

Use the best customer review that you have along with a call to action for your products. If visitors haven’t considered adding to their cart already they sure will now. 

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Your product bundle

Your final section is a chance to offer your visitors an offer they will find hard to refuse. This should be a bundle offer of your products, a subscription to your newsletter along your unique selling points. Don’t go too heavy with your unique selling points, try to stick to one to keep it simple and put the focus on your bundle offers.

For those visitors that are ready to buy, they have the chance to purchase one of your bundles. For those that aren’t quite ready to make a purchase yet, they can subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates about products that they’re interested in.

As a presell landing page is very long, you need to make sure that it’s fully optimised, your images are compressed and that everything loads quickly. Avoid any excess elements that aren’t needed for visitors to make a purchase.

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