eCommerce Design: Creative & Unusual

eCommerce Design: Creative & Unusual

eCommerce design has seen some interesting trends over the years. whilst the general rules of eCommerce design still apply, some brands feel the need to step outside the boundaries of those norms and offer a truly unique shopping experience.

Some of the more classy, sophisticated designs can be attributed to Apple’s Mac Pro page. Apple is renowned for producing high-quality products, and that certainly shows in this page.

In the past few years, more brands have felt the need to create these unique eCommerce experiences with their designs to help tell a story a showcase their products.

Here are some of the most creative and unusual eCommerce designs:

The history of unusual & creative web design

Trends, cultural changes and progression are some of the biggest reasons why web designs evolve at such a rapid rate. For some parts of the world, cultural, technical and linguistic differences can result in those countries sticking to what they know and not really experimenting much with a design like the west.

Randomwire put together a great article on why Japanese web design is so different, the use of tiny-low quality images, rough graphics and dense tightly packed text is something the Japanese culture hasn’t moved on from. But why’s that relevant to unusual and creative web design?

Allow us to explain…

Japanese culture has slowly slipped into the western world. Clothing, comics, anime and now, web design. Whilst not specifically based on Japanese websites, this new trend certainly takes large parts of Japanese design and reinvents them to be a rough cut style.

More recently, this design trend has been taken on by Kanye West for his clothing line Yeezy Supply.

Kanye West & Nick Knight – YZY SPLY (Yeezy Supply) Web Design

Yeezy Supply is an example that takes this trend to the extreme and shows that creating an eCommerce shopping experience doesn’t always have to follow the crowd and fit in.

On the other hand, there are some businesses that take these designs and create them with a modern twist, here are some of our favourite creative and unusual eCommerce designs.

eCommerce Design: Studio Job

Studio Job is one of the most unusual but creative eCommerce experiences. Animations, micro-interactions and humour have been constructed in a way that shows what they sell in a fun way.

eCommerce Design: maradji

Transitions are a love and hate relationship for us designers. Use them wrong or don’t execute them well, they can bring the rest of your website down. Get them right like maradji, and you’ll end up with a beautiful eCommerce store that keeps people engaged.

 eCommerce Design: QUEEN GARNET

Another design that we love that makes use of simplistic animations as you navigate is QUEEN GARNET. Simple rollover images and elegant page animations really set the QUEEN GARNET website off.

eCommerce Design: Keus

It’s a very risky move in eCommerce to make a horizontal navigation. For Keus however, that’s a different story. The horizontal scroll allows visitors to find out more about the brand and products.

eCommerce Design: FEMME & FIERCE

Femme & Fierce is a great example of using a modern, retro-based design. Filled with animations and subtle details, FEMME & FIERCE offers quite an engaging shopping experience.

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