4 Email Marketing Strategies You Need to Be Using in 2018

4 Email Marketing Strategies You Need to Be Using in 2018

Email marketing is often neglected due to the constant buzz around social media and future technology like AI and VR. It’s frequently argued email is no longer a relevant means of marketing, despite all of the research showing that email is intact and growing. For example in 2017, global e-mail users amounted to 3.7 billion users. This figure is set to grow to 4.1 billion users in 2021 (Statista).

Email offers a direct communication with customers which should be tailored and personalised for the individual. Furthermore customers have to opt-in and have an intention to consume your content resulting a larger quantity of quality leads when compared with other marketing channels. In fact, DMA and Demand Metric found that email has a median ROI of 122% (over 4x higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search).

It’s time to stop using outdated methods and start performing email marketing strategies fit for 2018:

⦁ Personalise your emails

With an endless stream of emails and notifications, its vital to connect with your audience and make your content trustworthy. Research shows we are 35% more likely to open an email which is addressed to us (SuperOffice). Users are increasingly looking to develop a relationship with the brand and expect targeted messages crafted specifically for the reader.

⦁ Optimise for mobile

3 out of 10 users unsubscribe from the list if the emails are not mobile optimised (Bluehornet). Having exceptional content will prove irrelevant if it is unable to be read through mobile devices. Understand how users view your content on mobile and optimising this performance before desktop. With mobile content consumption growing exponentially, it’s time to prioritise email campaigns specifically for these devices.

⦁ Split test design

If you have been following our content, you’ll know that design is almost everything (https://www.rainycityagency.com/2018/06/22/5-essential-design-principles-you-need-to-understand-to-gain-more-customers/). Not sure which design will generate more clicks? Split-test it. Optimise the design of your emails based on results which provide the best click-through rate. Although the difference between changes may appear small, they can have a huge impact on the consumption of your emails and how users will respond.

⦁ Segment content

One of the biggest reason companies fail to get great click-through rates is because they are catering for a group of readers rather than individuals. Targeting customers who are all at a different stage of the buyers journey can result in confusion. Personalising emails and encouraging customers with specific messages related to their actions is a great strategy. For example sending triggered messages like welcome emails or cart-abandonment emails will only apply to a small portion of your email list but are much more meaningful for these individuals and frequently generate a higher response rate.


Email continues to grow year after year because it provides a unique form of communication which other channels fail to replicate. A large part of email marketing success is by understanding how users are consuming emails and want to interact with companies. Optimising the design of your emails and personalising your messages will make your consumers feel valued as a part of your company’s community and should be a key part of your marketing strategy in 2018.

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