3 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Store Isn’t Getting The Attention It Deserves.

3 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Store Isn’t Getting The Attention It Deserves.

Being an attention seeker is not always a bad thing. Especially on the Internet.

Your traffic is too low for A/B testing

A/B testing is experimenting with two variants of a page shown to users at random. Then using statistical analysis, you can determine which variation of the web page performs better when reaching given conversion goals.

Unfortunately, there is no magical number that is going to define a low traffic website. Sorry. But Bryan Eisenberg an expert in conversion says that if you have less than 10 sales per week on your store then this is a store with low traffic. However, the conversion optimizer website, Rich Page, suggests that a website that receives 1k visitors per week or less is low traffic. To successfully run an A/B test on your website you need around 250 – 350 sales for each item in your A/B test. Meaning that for a basic A/B test 250 sales need to be completed per variation before the test is over. In plain English, a store with an average of 50 sales a month could need a few months to properly finish an A/B test because the sites sale average needs to increase five times for accuracy. It just gives you an idea of what works best for your site and your customers that drives sales. By selecting the right page, you can grow at a higher rate. It works with your marketing strategy and ensures that your CRO is the highest is can be.


Your Google Analytics account is set up incorrectly

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking the progress and traffic of your site in real-time as an independent platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand.

It also helps you with everything across all platforms showing you where a person has joined the website, what they’re looking at, how long they are on the website for and if they do click off, where they clicked off. It helps you find the cracks in your website so that you can safeguard against a loss on your ROI. Watch this VIDEO on Google Analytics and check your website’s performance.


Your business isn’t being tracked properly.

There are 12 to 24 million e-Commerce stores selling products on the internet around the world today. It may surprise you, but a lot of people don’t track their businesses properly.

We get it, it can be a little daunting, excavating your pride and joy, but you need to have an idea of how well you’re doing. Like parents evening, but for your website. Just get a spreadsheet started and look at the fine points of the website with fresh eyes. Ask, if I were visiting this website, ‘How long would I stay?’ ‘What would I click?’ and most importantly, ‘Would I buy?’


You need measurements or Business Objectives.



Goals can lead to achieving your ambitions for the business. That could be an increase in sales, a higher engagement rate or a wider range of products.



Indicators of performance, so a higher rate of engagement would equal a better performance and show that there has been a success in an area of development.



For your KPI’s to be visible you need to have targets, these can be derived from current data your business holds with projections and forecasts created to estimate a good and attainable target. For example, if a company has a steady growth of 50 new site visitors using social media links a month it could say, we want to achieve 250 new shares a month in the next five months. It’s a goal that is easily reachable, that can work alongside KPI reports.



Something as simple as; “Increase the number of new visitors to our website.” This could have a trickle-down effect and increase, sales, PPC’s and engagement across and exposure on social platforms.


For more help or advice on how to improve your website’s traffic Contact Us and our world-class team members. They possess enviable talent and a broad range of skills that cover every aspect of leading an e-commerce site. Experts in their fields, leaving nothing to chance, with proven track records that deliver time and time again.

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