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You don’t need another ads agency. You need a strategic partner.

With over a decade of experience supporting eCommerce brands to scale to the multi-millions and beyond, when you work with us on your paid marketing, you’re getting so much more than an ads agency.

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We've been around the block and back again. Our adys team at Rainy City has been the driving forace behind over $100m (and counting) in revenue for many of the eCommerce brands you know and love...

All from Meta and Facebook advertising

Facebook ads managers & agencies aren’t difficult to find.

You could do a quick Google search, hop into a Shopify Facebook group or even take a recommendation from a competitor or collaborator.

In 2024, it’s not difficult to find someone who says they can run your ads.

Anyone with a computer can tell you they’re an ‘ads expert’.

And, if you’re not, how do you know if they’re telling the truth?

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The gap between the brand you have and the movement you want to lead

The issue isn’t finding someone to run your ads. You could likely find someone who is great at it.

The main issue, though, is you don’t actually need a “Meta ads expert”. 

You need an eCommerce expert. 

You need someone who can look at the full picture of your business, your goals, and the true obstacles to explosive growth. 

Your advertising doesn’t happen in a vacuum. 

It’s just one part of a much bigger overall approach to becoming the leader in your category. 

And, when we manage your ads, that’s exactly what we’re thinking about.


Here's what happens when you don't work with someone who sees the big picture the way you do

I need help
  • You have a winning streak, every ad seems to work, the sales are pouring in, things are going well.

And then, they stop. 

That’s the nature of advertising. 

But, because you hired someone who can run ads and not strategy, you have no idea why or where to go from here.

  • Your competitors seem to magically get all of the limelight. 

They’re getting the press, thousands of positive reviews, they start to become known as the go-to leader in your space… because their ads strategy is part of a wider mission to become ubiquitous. 

All the while you’re over there wondering how it’s possible, when you know you’re the better option.

  • One product seems to fly off the shelves, while it’s a struggle to move anything else. 

You cannot figure out why people only seem to want one thing, and you find yourself sitting on way too much inventory.

  • The business feels unsustainable, one BIG sales month is followed by a few months of getting by, you can’t really forecast where you’ll be as a company a year or two or five years from now. 

Which makes it really difficult to make the bigger strategic decisions about growth for the brand as a whole.

  • You end up spending more time leading and managing your ads team and contractors than you do being the strategic lead and visionary, driving the whole brand forward.

Here’s what’s really possible when you hire experts with a proven track record...

  • You trust the team you’re working with to track the right data, understand the trends and make the right moves to optimise your ad spend at every possible opportunity, so that you can get on with making the bigger brand decisions that really drive the business to where you want it to be.
  • You can relax knowing that your brand’s digital presence is being handled by professionals who understand the risks of high-spend, high-return advertising, and what it really means to scale an eCommerce BUSINESS, not just an ad funnel or cheap clicks.
  • You don’t have to deal with Facebook, ads manager or getting into the mechanics of every specific ad and ad funnel, as well as everything else in your entire marketing playbook… and trying to find the answers yourself.

That’s not your job. That’s ours.

  • You finally experience what it feels like to have predictable, scalable and reliable revenue that can be dialled up or dialled down depending on the stage of growth, inventory management or particular goals of the business at any one time. 

No more sleepless nights that you’ll run out of people to sell your products to.

  • And the best part?

You can be sure your products are reaching the right people, at the right time with the right message. 

This is a goldmine that not just any old advertiser can give you. 

They might be able to tell you generic ads strategies that have worked in the past (and some of them will work), but with our team, you’ll get the kinds of insights on what message is reasoning with who, which can transform your entire business.

And, this is why we're different.


Meta ads are dramatically different now than they’ve ever been at any other time in online marketing history

There’s not just a right way to run your ads, but there’s a wrong way to do it, too. 

If you hire the wrong team or make the wrong move, it can be devastating for your brand. 

It’s 2024, and everybody is paying attention to how your brand behaves online. 

Get a few core things right, and you will never have to worry about your business ever again. 

Get those things wrong, though, and it could take years to recover (trust us, we’ve had to undo a TONNE of bad work from past agencies over the years).

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How our process works

Step 1 - Getting started

Finally figure out the gaps in your overall marketing strategy and make a solid plan for overcoming them.

Here we’ll look at existing ads performance, website, brand, copy, your reviews, messaging & your audience versus your competitors. 

We do a thorough analysis to make sure that our campaigns are the best you’ve ever run.

Step 2 - Creative

Once we have a crystal clear understanding of what your audience actually wants, we can design ads that will make them feel like you’ve been reading their diary (in a completely ethical way), 

Once we have a crystal clear understanding of what your audience actually wants, we can design ads that will make them feel like you’ve been reading their diary (in a completely ethical way), that lets them know you’re the one to solve the problem they have, that your product is THE solution for.

Step 3 - Close The Gaps

There are always gaps. 

No matter how tight your marketing is. 

There are just some renowned mistakes marketers make when it comes to building high-converting ad funnels. 

We’ll isolate them, and then we’ll make a plan to move past them. 

This is where you’ll start to notice the foundational differences between ads that perform OK and ads that truly scale your business.

Step 4 - Structure For Scale

Once we have our creative, copy & overall marketing funnel fixes sorted, we’ll take absolutely everything off your hands. 

Whether you’re a founder or CMO, we’ll make you look good. You’ll be able to relax knowing your brand is in good hands and you’ll never waste an unnecessary dollar on average ads ever again.

Step 5 - Optimise, rinse and repeat

Many marketers make it sound like once you’ve built your high performing ad funnel, you’ll run off into the sunset, happily ever after. 

While we will work hard to make it feel like that for you, you can rest assured we’ll be working hard in the back end, making sure that nothing slips through the cracks. 

If an ad stops performing as well, we’ll find out why and fix it. 

If a new product is about to launch, we’ll find the perfect way to slot it into the overall ads strategy. 

We’ll have a check-in every couple of weeks, where we’ll give you the most important facts that you can take to continually improve the brand as a whole and you can let us in on what’s going on behind the scenes, too. 

We truly become your strategic partners, and we care about your success as much as you do.


There’s a reason we’re the ads team trusted by respected eCommerce empires, founders and marketing leaders alike. If you’re looking for a team that will give you a completely hands-off, zero BS approach to your online advertising, you found them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size businesses do you help?

We only work with brands on Shopify who are typically spending minimum $15k-$500k/month on meta ads already and are looking to grow profitably.

If you're an ambitious brand that doesn't fit this criteria, feel free to still reach out.

Do you offer Google/TikTok ads?

No! We are very strict on not being an agency that spreads ourselves thin. 

You need to work with A-Players in their respective fields and we have trusted contacts who we advise our clients to use.

I've had poor communication from another agency, how do you keep me up to date

No useless reports talking about clicks. 

We focus on PROFIT using our ROAS Calculator and keep you up to date with short Loom videos regularly, so you know exactly what is going on!

What niches do you specialise in?

We've done this for 10 years and have worked in many varied niches. 

If you've built a great brand that people love, we're ready to help!

Do you help with creatives?

We have tons of resources and ways to help you get the best creatives possible for ads within 24 hours!

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Bear in mind, we would never ask for your ad account details unless we were actually working together, but if you answer a couple of questions and we take a look at the ads you’re running, we can usually get a decent enough idea if further exploration is needed.

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