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Increased conversions by 103%, revenue by 60% and added an increased emphasis on customer return rate, increasing to 77.7%

iwi (pronounced ee-wee) translates to ‘tribe’ in Māori. Based in Texas, this vibrant team produces the most potent Omega-3 supplement on the planet. The company has made it their mission toprovide eco-friendly supplements that help make the world a better place.


Why Rainy City?

Over the last three years, we have developed a strong relationship with iwi and have been helping them to optimise their Shopify store, with subscriptions growing each year.

With the expansion of our Shopify development team, we have been developing site speed audits and integrations for our clients. When reviewing iwi’s analytics, we felt that there were areas that could be improved to give users a faster experience when navigating iwi’s Shopify Plus store.

Project details:

  • Increase Shopify store speed
  • Improved customer flows
  • Redesigned subscription promotions to increase user uptake

The challenge

When migrating the site over and implementing our updates, we had to ensure data integrity so iwi kept all historical analytics. This would help iwi look back on historical data and so we could evaluate the impact of our updates going forward.


Simplified customer journeys

Throughout our analysis, we identified a few sticking points for store visitors. We created a few different user flows and tested them with our QA to formulate the perfect process for iwi.

Due to this, iwi has experienced a significant increase in subscriptions and is now the main focus of the business.

Built-in intuition

Working closely with the creative team, we developed an intuitive product detail structure. These templates define the essential ingredients and the product’s potent benefits while establishing iWi’s sustainability credentials. To ensure the pages were not too word-heavy, we built-in broad and bold imagery with playful iconography.

Subscription pages that sell

iWi’s customized subscription tool takes sales to the next level. This integrated feature enables customers to automate their product subscription and reorders, simplifying the checkout process and making shipping wholly more environmentally friendly. The tool has helped create a customer loyalty scheme, boosting customer lifetime values.

The results

Through our design and development phases, we had been able to increase conversions to 4.9%


Increased conversion rate


Increase of total orders


Increased AOV

“I have been working with Rainy City for several months on the transition of our website and the consumer shopping experience optimization and not only the quality of their work is fantastic, but also their service support is amazing!”

Adrian Garcia, Founder

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