Magento Migration to Shopify


Continental, a leading wholesale clothing company based in the UK, recently came to Rainy City to enhance its digital presence and operational efficiency.

The transformative journey included migrating from Magento 2 to Shopify, enhanced security measures, creating bespoke theme templates, integrating with Microsoft Dynamics, and improving the user experience.

Why Rainy City?

Impressed by our successful track record in eCommerce transformation, Continental chose Rainy City to lead their digital evolution.

Recognising the specific needs of a wholesale clothing company, our agency aligned with Continental’s vision to enhance their online presence and streamline operations.


Continental outlined the following key objectives for the project:

  • Migration from Magento 2
  • Enhanced security and reduced maintenance costs
  • Bespoke theme templates with an editorial lookbook
  • Integration of Microsoft Dynamics
  • Faster load times and improved user journey

Migration from Magento 2 to Shopify

To lay the foundation for Continental’s digital transformation, we executed a seamless migration from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus. This move not only provided an advanced eCommerce platform but also marked a significant step toward enhanced security and reduced maintenance costs.

Enhanced Security with Shopify

Unlike Magento, which requires continual software updates due to its open-source nature and inherent vulnerabilities, Shopify Plus offers a closed ecosystem. This closed environment virtually eliminates the risk of security breaches, providing Continental with a robust and secure platform without the need for constant software updates.

Bespoke Templates and Lookbook Integration

Our team also created bespoke theme templates, including an editable lookbook, to ensure easy customisation for their products.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Efficient stock control and sales operations were achieved through seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics, a suite of intelligent business applications encompassing ERP and CRM. This not only streamlined Continental’s processes but also provided AI-driven insights into inventory management and sales performance.

Improved UX and Faster Load Times

Capitalising on Shopify’s inherent features, we also focused on enhancing user experience and optimising performance for faster load times. Shopify Plus brings built-in improvement to user journeys, providing Continental with an elevated online shopping experience.


In summary, this partnership resulted in a seamless migration, enhanced security, a visually stunning website, and improved user experiences.

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